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By Abby Hutmacher

3 Dank Dessert Chefs 420 Culture

Marijuana legalization has brought cannabis out of the shadows and into the limelight, and nowhere is that more obvious than the marijuana edible market. Accounting for roughly 45 percent of Colorado’s cannabis sales, marijuana edibles (or medibles) have become much more than a shake-filled brownie or two. Discerning shoppers can now choose from any number of fine foods and delectable desserts all thanks to the Edibles are a fun way to enjoy cannabis. Here are 3 professional chefs who have traded in their tasting spoons for carefully-calibrated measuring tools to make some of the best cannabis-infused desserts.Edibles are a fun way to enjoy cannabis. Here are 3 professional chefs who have traded in their tasting spoons for carefully-calibrated measuring tools to make some of the best cannabis-infused desserts.

Love’s Oven

You see, marijuana is not your average ingredient. It is carefully monitored via inventory and video surveillance which makes taste-testing any cannabis-infused product virtually impossible (without getting fired, that is). That hasn’t stopped Hope Frahm, Executive Chef at the cannabis bakery Love’s Oven, from perfecting her line of cannabis-infused baked goods like Baklava and an assortment of cookies.

Because it is illegal for bakeries to sample marijuana, all products must be carefully taste-tested and refined prior to cannabis infusion. Once a recipe has been perfected, carefully-measured amounts of cannabis-infused butter are added to the mix then sent to a testing facility to ensure accurate dosing. Love’s Oven plans to begin making vegan products within the next month using coconut oil instead of butter in hopes of reaching a larger audience.

“It’s all about the science,” Love’s Oven Chef, Benjamin Fishman, told the L.A. Times. “You can’t take shortcuts.”

Altai Brand

California also features a selection of fine cannabis sweets and treats. Altai Brand, maker of fine artisan chocolates, is bringing cannabis consumption to a higher level from its home base in Santa Cruz. Named after a Siberian princess mummy and the stash of grass found in her burial chamber, Altai creates fine chocolates and candies out of locally-cultivated ingredients whenever possible.

Since accurate dosing is such a vital component to the marijuana movement, Altai ensures that all candies be accurately dosed between 10 and 25mg each through a triple testing process. This happens by testing the flower first, concentrated extract second, and the final product last to determine, without a doubt, the final dose of each piece of candy.

Altai Brand also makes special note of the cannabinoid profile of each piece of candy. In order to help consumers get the most out of their product, they carefully select Sativa strains for their uplifting characteristics and Indicas for their pain relief and soporific qualities. Cannabinoid profiles are listed on packaging (in addition to dosage instructions) to help patients customize their ideal cannabinoid intake.

Cannabis Creamery

If chocolate and baked goods aren’t enough, cannabis has also found its way into ice cream thanks to Isaac Lappert, founder of California-based company Cannabis Creamery. Using cannabis-infused grapeseed oil, Lappert has produced a number of cannabis-friendly ice cream flavors including chocolate, mint chip, Kona coffee and vegan passion fruit sorbet.

The cannabis-infused ice cream was inspired by a request from the band Grateful Dead over 20 years ago. The band liked the special ice cream so much, they continued to request it for many years to come.

The band was not alone in their love for marijuana ice cream. Today, Lappert sells an average of 4,000 to 5,000 cups of four-ounce ice cream per week, each of which contains 60mg of cannabis. Lappert acknowledges that the bulk of his customers are recreational users and plans to supply the entire state of California with his special ice cream soon.

Marijuana is no stranger to a tasty treat. Now, thanks to the culinary vision of cannabis chefs, the distinct flavor (and effects) of marijuana can be found in the sweetest of places.

What is your favorite cannabis treat? Tell us about in the comment section below.

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