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Why You Should Never Send Weed in the Mail

  • Monday September 17, 2018

Mailing cannabis is a serious offense and can leave you with some pretty hefty consequences if you're caught. Learn more about why mailing marijuana is never a good idea and some of the steep ramifications that you could face if caught.

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California Weed Apocalypse and the Effects of New State Regulations

California's recreational cannabis industry is constantly evolving in an effort to become more regulated. But with new regulations and laws come headaches (and opportunities) for businesses. Learn more about the new California regulations that went into effect July 1 and how they're impacting the California cannabis market.

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Comparing Cannabis and Runner's Highs

Cannabis highs and runner's highs may have more in common than meets the eye. In fact, when comparing the chemical structures of the highs and how they interact with the human endocannabinoid system there are many similarities. Learn more about these similarities as we take a closer look!

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