Exploring the Potential Cannabis Crackdown in Colorado

  • Friday November 16, 2018

Legal cannabis is booming in Colorado and the Colorado U.S. Attorney's office believes that some businesses may be using their legal status for illegal sales. Learn about the possible cannabis crackdown in Colorado and what businesses it might affect.

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420 Culture

The Top Cannabis Strains to Enjoy During the Fall Season

Fall is here and that means there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy! From watching the leaves change to carving pumpkins with friends and family, there's something for everyone during the fall season. Want to incorporate cannabis into your fall festivities? Check out these strains!

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Does Music Influence Cannabis Plant Growth?

Cannabis growers are always looking for new ways to boost yields and overall quality of their cannabis plants. One of the most recent and unique trends to hit the cannabis industry is playing music for plants. Learn more about why growers are playing music for their plants and which genres seem to have the best effects.

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