Monday December 9, 2013

By CO Pot Guy

Are any recreational marijuana stores opening on January 1st? News

Are any recreational marijuana stores opening on January 1st?

Yes, but not everywhere.

Denver expects between 5-10 retail marijuana stores to be open on January 1st.  There are currently 118 pending applications in Denver from medicinal dispensaries wishing to convert to recreational, but not all of them will be processed in time to open on January 1st.  The main bottlenecks in the process are the public hearings required for each dispensary, as well as 5 city inspections for each location.

In the Denver Metro area, there are a few other cities that will have recreational marijuana stores open on January 1st.  They are:

  • Wheat Ridge - 2 stores
  • Glendale - 2 stores
  • Edgewater  - 4 stores


Annie's, located in Central City, was the first dispensary to be approved for recreational sales and is all set to begin recreational sales on January 1st.  That may be your best bet if you are flying into Denver and heading straight up to the mountains.  Central City is accessible off of I-70 via the Central City Parkway.

Summit County, including Frisco, Dillon and Breckenridge will not have any stores open on January 1st. Update: Summit Daily is now reporting Breckenridge will have 1 dispensary open on January 1st, read more here.

Vail recently banned recreational stores, but Eagle County is allowing them.  No word on any recreational stores opening in Eagle County just yet.  Therefore, if you are going to Vail or Summit for your vacation, get your weed in Denver or Central City on the way up.

If you are heading to Aspen, they won’t have any stores open on January 1st, as reported by The Aspen Times.  They will eventually have 6 recreational marijuana stores in Aspen, but most likely none will be open until after January. Glenwood Springs and Carbondale will also not have recreational stores open until after January, so if you are heading to the Roaring Fork Valley in January, best to be prepared and bring your goodies with you.

Sorry I wish I had more information at this point as I know many of you are planning your trips.  We’ll be adding a map and directory of recreational marijuana stores to the site soon once we receive more information.

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