Wednesday May 14, 2014

By CO Pot Guy

Purchasing restrictions on marijuana concentrates coming soon News

The Colorado Legislature has passed House Bill 1361 which will limit the amount of concentrates available to purchase.  Currently in-state residents can purchase an ounce, and out-of-state residents can purchase a ¼ ounce of flowers (buds) or concentrates in a single transaction.  The current regulations governing recreational sales make no differentiation between flowers and concentrates, such as hash, waxes or oils.

With the passing of this bill, the Department of Revenue will attempt to determine what the THC equivalent of different concentrates are in relation to marijuana in flower form.  They will then limit the amount you can purchase based upon this calculation.  For example, if the Department of Revenue says 1 ounce of flowers can be used to make 4 grams of bubble hash, then in-state residents will be restricted to buying no more than 4 grams of bubble hash at a time.   Since out out-of-state residents are restricted to no more than ¼ ounce of flowers in a single transaction, using this calculation they would be restricted to 1 gram of hash per transaction. 

These numbers are just to illustrate how the law will be implemented, no specific equivalency numbers have been determined yet.   The legislature has appropriated $100,000 for a scientific study to determine the equivalency of marijuana flower in concentrated marijuana products.

A few important things to note about this bill.  First off, this only impacts retail sales, not possession.  Amendment 64 in the Colorado Constitution allows you to possess up to 1 ounce of THC, regardless of if you are an in-state or out-of-state resident.  Many people overlook this, but there is nothing illegal about going from store to store and buying the max limit, as long as you don’t exceed the personal possession limits.  For example, once this law is implemented, if Department of Revenue says out-of-state residents can only buy 2 grams of shatter per transaction, nothing illegal with going to 14 different stores in a single day and purchasing 2 grams at each one since you won’t exceed the 28 gram limit. 

This is a perfect example of why Amendment 64 needed to be a Constitutional Amendment, so the knee jerk legislatures can’t stomp on our rights. They can legislate the retail sales, but can’t touch the law on possession. 

We’ll let you know when the Department of Revenue releases equivalency numbers between flowers and concentrates, most likely sometime later this year.  

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