Wednesday May 28, 2014

By CO Pot Guy

Marijuana prices dropping in Denver News

Just a quick post to let everyone know the retail price of recreational marijuana is dropping rapidly in Denver and other areas.  The price drops can be attributed to new recreational stores opening, creating healthy competition, as well as lots of new harvests hitting the market.  The marijuana tsunami is starting to arrive!

In January when only a handful of recreational stores opened in Denver, $500+ ounces were not unusual.  Fast forward 5 months and we now have over 75 recreational stores in Denver, and prices are starting to reflect this competitive environment.  Reviewing around 20 different recreational menus, it appears in Denver the average price of an ounce of top shelf recreational marijuana costs around $250 + tax (21.12%).  I’ve seen a few places with $150 recreational ounces, and other places still trying to charge $450 + tax for an ounce. 

Out-of-state residents can only purchase a ¼ ounce in a single transaction, so you’ll pay a bit more as you won’t get a volume discount.  The average cost of a ¼ oz of marijuana is averaging around $80 + tax, so just under $100 out of pocket. 

Be sure to do your research and check out the pricing before visiting a recreational marijuana store, doing so can certainly save you quite a bit of money.  If prices seem excessive, be polite and let them know.  You can definitely end up paying twice as much for the same buds if you aren’t an educated shopper. 

Outside of Denver the prices are really dependent upon local competition.  For example, Carbondale only has 1 marijuana store and the prices reflect that.  Aspen is in a similar position with only a handful of stores.  Competition will eventually drive prices down in these communities, but until then your best bet is to stock up before heading into the mountains.

One final note, the popularity of waxes, shatter and other concentrates has resulted in a shortage of these products.  They are available, just not in large amounts.  As a result, their prices are not dropping as quickly in relation to flowers (buds). 

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