Sunday April 26, 2015

By Abby Hutmacher

5 Ways to Enjoy Denver in the Spring Education

There are a lot of reasons to choose Colorado for your vacation that go well beyond the freedom to toke. Museums, amusement parks, lively culture and breathtaking nature all come together to create wonderful melting pot of experiences.  If you're looking for the best things to do around Denver in the spring (after you've hit the dispensary, that is), then consider adding some of these fun Denver activities to your to-do list.  

Check out Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita - Denver, Colorado
Casa Bonita - Denver, Colorado

Casa Bonita didn't need South Park to make it famous (but it helped). No, Casa Bonita stands on its own by combining entertainment, food and culture in the most unique way: water-based theatrics.  

If you've never been to Casa Bonita, then you're in for a treat. After picking up your food "cafeteria-style" you will head off to your table positioned neatly around a man-made pool and waterfall. During your meal, you will also get to watch divers perform little plays before diving into the pool below.  

Casa Bonita also features arcades, gift shops and rides for the kiddos (or for the kid at heart), and all the mariachi music your little heart could desire. So come in and have a seat, but don't forget to bring a towel.   

Play at Elitch Gardens and Waterpark

Elitch Gardens - Denver, Colorado
Elitch Gardens - Denver, Colorado

Elitch Gardens and Water Park is Denver's only amusement park located in the heart of our beautiful city, featuring over 50 unique rides, attractions and roller coasters that the whole family can enjoy. After you’ve had your fill of fun in the sun, head on over to the full-sized water park to cool down; your tickets will get you into both.  

Tickets purchased online are eligible for a discount as are tickets purchased either from King Soopers or from the gate (with an accompanying Pepsi can, that is).  

Take flight with indoor skydiving

Now you can go on a high-flying adventure without having to take flight. iFly Denver is the area's premier indoor skydiving facility allowing people as young as three years old the opportunity to "fly", no parachute required. Using a wind tunnel that generates roughly 1600 horsepower worth of wind, visitors can experience a true free-fall sensation without ever having to board a plane.   

First-time flyers are required to take a short training class which will cover all of the basic safety instructions. Though first-time flyers are only allowed to fly with their personal trainers, as you gain experience flying, so, too, will you be able to gain a few flight pals with you in the tunnel.  

Admission to iFly Denver starts at around $60 per person, but you can also book group or party events that will not only save you money, but will win you the award for coolest idea for something to do in Denver.  

Attend a few free festivals

If you're short on the dollar but still want to experience Denver culture, then check out one of Denver's free festivals and events happening throughout summer. Choose from a number of music and art shows or tour breweries, gardens and museums. For a complete list of Denver-sponsored events and activities, check out  

Experience a real Rocky Mountain high

Long before marijuana was legal, people would flock to Colorado for our beautiful mountain range. Filled with fun outdoor activities like hiking, tubing, camping, fishing or disc golf, Colorado's Rocky Mountain Range has everything the outdoor enthusiast could ever want, plus a few high-quality breweries and dispensaries, to boot. 

If you’re planning a marijuana-themed vacation (or, as I like to call it, a Canna-Cation), then don’t forget to pencil in some of these awesome activities and adventures to help make sure your trip is as memorable as a weed-infused vacation can be.

Will you be visiting Colorado, soon? Tell us what you’ll be doing while you’re here.

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