Thursday May 28, 2015

By Abby Hutmacher

Ask Pot Guide v.2: Camping & Travel in CO Education

Last week, the team at answered a few burning cannabis-related questions from our fans regarding vape pens and finding jobs in the cannabis industry. This week, we received inquiries regarding safe places to consume marijuana in the state. In an effort to put your minds at ease, here are our best answers for those important questions!

"I’m traveling to Colorado in July. Where can I smoke marijuana?"

User from Newton, MA

According to the State of Colorado, marijuana is to be consumed on private property only, and the property owner has to be cool with it, too.

This doesn't pose too much of a problem for residents of Colorado (as many will most likely be able to find a friendly home to do it in), but such is not the case for many visitors who want to vacation in a marijuana-friendly place without being hassled.

Unfortunately, regulations restricting the use of cannabis on federal land rule out most of the Rocky Mountains, and restrictions outlined by the Clean Indoor Air Act (and refined by the Marijuana Enforcement Division) prohibit consumption on public property including but not limited to streets, sidewalks, hotel balconies and public parks.

Fortunately, there are many privately-owned places that allow marijuana consumption. For example, Colorado has many 420-friendly hotels and lodges to accommodate the marijuana tourist. Some even offer vaporizer rentals or wake-n-bake sessions to help make the stay all the more relaxing and enjoyable.

There are also a number of marijuana-themed activities in Colorado including tours, classes and special events. These are great options for those who prefer their vacation time be divvied up throughout the stay, but for those who just want to hang out in a safe place, cannabis social clubs may be a better option.

Because marijuana consumption is prohibited on public property, cannabis clubs have to operate as private, member's only establishments. In order to get into a cannabis club in Colorado, one must become a member, first. Fortunately, many lounges offer trial or temporary memberships -- which usually cost between $5 and $15 -- that grant access to the club and all of its wonders including live music, game night and comedy performances.

"I’m headed to the mountains in Colorado this summer with my husband. Are we allowed to smoke on our hikes or at our campground?"

User from Austin, TX

According to, "Retail marijuana is intended for private, personal use. Such use is only legal in certain locations not open or accessible to the public. Marijuana may not be consumed openly or publicly." Unfortunately, this rules out most Federal land and camping sites located in Colorado, but doesn't rule out them all!

In addition to the hand-full of 420-friendly camping sites located throughout the state, Colorado may be gaining a new, 420-themed "adult summer camp" as early as July, 2015. This new "Canna-Camp", founded by the MaryJane Group in collaboration with the Wilderness Trail Ranch, will be located 30 miles northeast of Durango and will feature classic summer camp activities like crafts, cooking classes and kayaking. Unlike traditional summer camps, Canna-Camp will focus on a marijuana theme. There will be wake-n-bake sessions, a 4:20 happy hour and even a "Booze Cruise" style pot pontoon ride in addition to other marijuana-friendly activities.

So, if the great outdoors are on your marijuana-friendly vacation to-do list, it's best to find a location where you know cannabis is permitted. If it is on federal or state-owned land, it's still illegal. But if you can find a privately-owned campsite that has given you permission, you'll be good to go.

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