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The 5 Best Methods for Collecting Kief

  • Saturday August 24, 2019

In general, there are three ways of collecting kief without the use of solvents: shake it off, freeze it off, or force through a screen to be caught in some form of reservoir. Take a look below to learn more and start collecting that precious kief!

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Is the NFL Reconsidering Its Cannabis and CBD Policies?

The NFL has not always been known for having the most open attitude towards marijuana, however, with changes in cannabis legislation happening across the country, NFL players have spoken out about the need for the league to rethink its policies on cannabis.

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Edibles and Concentrates in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

When Canada legalized the use of cannabis, edibles and concentrates were omitted from participating. With the ban on edibles and concentrates set to lift October 2019, Health Canada released the framework of the rules that some have dubbed Cannabis 2.0. Let’s unpack the situation and better understand what Canada’s Cannabis 2.0 is set to look like.

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Health Impact of Tobacco Rolled Cannabis Blunts

Many cannabis consumers have moved towards health-conscious ingestion methods, however blunts still remain a popular way to consume due to their slow burn and nicotine/cannabis combination. Click here to learn more about the health risks associated with consuming cannabis blunts.

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How to Make Rare Solventless Hash Products at Home

Solventless hash is gaining in popularity but that demand has translated into high prices at the dispensary. Not only that, the best solventless hash products are sold out in minutes, making it tough for consumer's to get their hands on them consistently. Don't worry though, you can make your own high-quality solventless hash at home with the help of a rosin press!

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Tips for Growing Cannabis on a Budget

There are many ways to effectively grow a cannabis plant and not all of them require a lot of money to maintain. Learn more about growing marijuana on a budget and how you can have a successful harvest without breaking the bank.

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