The Benefits of Vaping CBD

  • Saturday June 22, 2019

CBD products are entering the mainstream and bringing with them some serious popularity. Some of the most popular CBD products cater towards vaporization and a combustion-free experience. Learn more about the benefits of vaping CBD and why the cannabinoid is catching on so rapidly.

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420 Culture

Cannabis and Music Festivals: A Match Made in Heaven?

Cannabis consumers have been attending concerts and shaping band culture for years. But now with the abundance of music festivals across the globe, cannabis is becoming even more involved in the music scene. Find out why cannabis and music festivals go hand in hand as we explore this interesting relationship.

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Medical Marijuana's Impact on Cannabis Tourism in Jamaica

Medical cannabis sales recently commenced in Jamaica in 2018. Now, the country looks to move forward as one of the world's to cannabis tourism destinations. Learn about how visitors and tourists can access Jamaica's medical cannabis scene and immerse themselves in authentic cannabis culture.

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Cannabis and Cats: What to Do if Your Cat Eats Marijuana

It's no secret that cats are curious creatures and love to explore. Plus, many cats enjoy catching a buzz on some catnip as well. But catnip and cannabis are two completely different substances when it comes to cats. Learn exactly what to do in the event of your cat ingesting marijuana.

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How to Choose the Best Grow Pots for Cannabis Cultivation

Growing cannabis is no easy task. So many things go into cannabis cultivation and even the pot you choose to put your plants in can make a huge difference. Learn how to choose the right grow pots for your garden and find out the different options out there for cannabis cultivation planters.

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