On this New to Cannabis tour, we will introduce you to the remarkable cannabis plant that we have come to love so much. Our professional guides will give you a "Cannabis School" education on the different types of strains, their effects and how to consume responsibly. We want everyone to have a positive experience with the plant, and on tour, you will do just that!
  • Pick up from Denver-based lodging location* OR the City Sessions’ Office (925 E 17th Ave, Denver)
  • Cannabis 101 at the City Sessions’ Lounge
  • Walk through a commercial grow facility to see and learn the process of cultivating Cannabis from Clone to Cure (or its full lifecycle)
  • Dispensary stop to review product lines and to purchase (with a discount)
  • City Sightseeing
  • Snack/Coffee stop
  • Sample session in the City Sessions’ Lounge
  • Return to lodging location

RATE: Starting at $375 (base for one) + $75 per additional person

*Itinerary can be customized*

Days / Times

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Days: Daily

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Morning tours start between 9-10pm

Afternoon tours start between 1:30-2:30pm

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Other Reviews

Super informative tour with amazing perks and knowledgeable tour guides. The bus was top of the the line, as well. Have already recommended this industry tour to multiple friends.
a week ago
Bottom line up front: Booking City Sessions, with either Goldie and Clayton. It is the BEST decision you can make when coming to Denver! I want to ensure my emphasis comes through: BEST PART OF COMING TO DENVER When you think about doing touristy things generally you have to surrender not just your dignity, but also forfeit your peace of mind. Not once did I feel either, whether we were hanging out or at Red Rocks, the key to success and freedom from stress is City Sessions Everyone also knows if you are doing touristy stuff you are 99% of the time a visitor, who in most cases is not intimately familiar with the surroundings. That said I was in awe of not only the breadth of Clayton's industry knowledge, but his depth which made this experience the highlight of our trip! Don't delay get on board!
a month ago
I recently went on two tours with City Sessions, one with Clayton and one with Goldie. Extremely impressed with the cannabis knowledge base I was able to access, not only from the businesses that we toured, but also from the one on one opportunity I had to chat to Clayton and Goldie during those two days. I traveled to Denver with a checklist of questions and aspects that I wanted to cover, and I would say I successfully got through about 95% of my list. I also went on a couple of other basic and very short cultivation/dispensary tours, which were certainly fun and interesting, but were barely able to give anything but a very basic overview of the industry. I can highly recommend City Sessions if you want to get an in depth understanding of the cannabis industry, and have a really enjoyable and interesting time along the way. Really nice people to deal with and spend time with!
5 months ago
Goldie and Clayton were fantastic. Gave us a great overview of the Cannabis Business in Colorado. Highly recommended and very professional.
3 months ago
Goldie was incredible to work with! Customer service is unlike any other, especially loved the touch of having our own playlist and strains prepared ahead of time. Our favorite part of our visit in Denver was talking and learning about the industry with City Sessions. Can't wait to be back!
6 months ago