Explore THC In Its Purest Form. Looking for a discreet, smoke-free way to consume? Wondering what the dab scene is all about? The marijuana concentrates class is for you. Enjoy a deep dive into cannabis concentrates, learn about new products and state-of-the-art consumption methods, and visit a dispensary on the 420-friendly bus.

  • Learn the basics and ask questions in the concentrates classroom
  • Take a 420-friendly field trip to Euflora for discounts on concentrates
  • Get a free reusable vape pen for your new concentrate products

Price: $79

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Days: Friday

Duration: 2 hours


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Other Reviews

First time in Colorado so I was expecting a lot of fun and we absolutely had it. We took the Growing Facility Tour which I wish it was longer because it was very interesting. It left me hungry for more but at least we got baked all the way and had an amazing experience. Tour guides are very friendly and the price is reasonable. I will come back for this definitely for more tours. They are very discreet which I love plus the booking was really easy. I cannot ask for more. Party bus is prepared with lots of water, trays, rolling papers, bongs and whatever you need to get baked. Remember to bring your own green and get ready to get very high! Thank You 420 tours I feel I love you forever!
in the last week
Words cannot Express how wonderful this trip was for my husband and I. The staff was amazing and very knowledgeable. The sushi class is a must! Everyone was nice and the staff really made sure everyone was comfortable. We loved the tours and classes we learned a lot!!! (You can even stay at a 420 friendly hotel and We had cannabis massages and We even had a private chef to come to our room.) Yes we did it all and would love to do it again. Thank you 420 special thanks to chef Patrick
in the last week
Visiting the dispensary and smoking on the bus was the best part of the trip although it would’ve been better without the tour guide. She kept pushing us to donate money to the church. It was very odd. She was adamant that it was all for a good cause but we weren’t impressed by the church. It was a 20 minute light show and a very odd cult like sermon. We’re huge cannabis advocates and we’re expecting it to be cannabis related being the name is THE CHURCH OF CANNABIS. I wouldn’t spend the money for the 10% discount at the dispensary. We took a 420 tour 4 years ago and it was amazing. Super disappointed this time around.
in the last week
What an amazing tour. We took the Haunted Hash tour at Halloween time and we LOVED IT! Tedder and Brenden were our guides and they were entertaining and very considerate. They laughed along with locals and helped the tourists on the bus feel welcome. Everyone was smiling before we even got to the dispensary. The deals were great. It was a really fun experience. Going through the haunted house after that bus ride was a NIGHT TO REMEMBER.
a month ago
Trying to think of the words to write about this trip so that you guys would know just how awesome this trip is but I’m pretty speechless... because it was just beyond amazing!!!!!!!! If you are thinking about doing this, then please just book it right now! It was our favorite experience by far in Denver.. we even went horse back riding in the mountains and this won hands down! Our guides were AMAZING!!! It is a experience that we will never forget. In all the years of my life that I have indulged in cannabis out of the state of Colorado, it has always been so secretive but here you are around people that love it just as much as you!!! The growing process as explain to a T (they know what their talking about!!) It’s just something that we will never forget for the rest of our lives, thank you guys for making our experience so amazing!! Like I said, if you’re thinking of doing this, just do it! You will not regret it!!!!
a month ago