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21st Century Cannabis - 5/30

21st Century Cannabis - 5/30

Denver, CO

Thursday, May 30, 2019

21st Century Cannabis is an Educational Series and this months topic is Terpenes!

Our professor cares about providing education to help the community and share their experience with you - The Cannacurious.

5:30 PM Doors
6:00 PM Commence
7:00 PM Networking

About Susan!
Dr Susan Trapp’s vision is to accelerate cannabis and endocannabinoid research, in a challenging federal environment, through education and research. Dr. Trapp’s segway into the cannabis industry is her extensive terpenoid research background. Susan’s PhD and postdoctoral research examined the molecular evolution of the largest class of plant natural products – TERPENOIDS (terpenes). Susan has been consulting in the cannabis industry for the past several years and in 2018, co-founded an ancillary database cannabis company –TreatmentX – with the mission to advance scientific understanding of cannabis and treatment legitimization through the collation of patient outcomes and cannabis consumption DATA.

Susan has over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology field both as a plant-microbe molecular biology researcher and “beyond the lab bench”. She has held scientific, management, and early stage development positions within the biotech industry, academia, government, and start-up community, from algae biofuels to genomes. Dr Trapp participated directly on the human genome project with Dr. Craig Venter early in her scientific career.

In her spare time, Susan enjoys educating beyond cannabis and the sciences, she also enjoys teaching biology at her local community college, yoga, swimming and the disable skiing. She is a lover of world travel adventures, music, Karma her cat, and dabbles as an charcoal artist.

Shout out to our sponsors:

Gofire™ is a digital healthcare company specializing in medication management of alternative and plant-based medicines. Gofire has developed a proprietary smart inhaler and DoseCode technology, with a personal dosing app that allows patients to control and re-create consistent experiences, removing the fear of taking too much while having the support of their community to help find products best suited to specific ailments. Gofire is committed to making alternative health accessible through standardizing dose regimens by delivery and patient ailment. Visit their website at, and follow Gofire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Verra believes that purification and scientific formulation are the keys to unlocking the power of the plant and developing safer and more effective cannabinoid-based products. We at Verra work closely with the highly experienced scientists at Next Frontier Biosciences who are reshaping the industry by using advanced pharmaceutical methods to develop purified cannabinoid products for nasal, sublingual and transdermal administration.

NanoSphere Health Sciences, LLC is a biotechnology firm specializing in the creation of the patented NanoSphere Delivery System™. Evolve’s NDS™ is the first dedicated pharmaceutical delivery system employing encapsulated NanoGels™ to deliver a pure, predictable, rapid and consistent effect. This patented design harnesses both the precision of nanotechnology and proven pharmaceutical processes to convey cannabinoid and terpene benefits in a highly targeted manner. The result is enhanced receptivity for faster uptake you feel within minutes.

Thank you from the WorkAbility and Gofire teams for your participation!

**This is a 21 and over event**

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Thu, May 30, 2019

Start Time:

5:30 PM


WorkAbility - Uptown at the Sudler
1576 Sherman St
Denver, CO 80203


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