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Club 64 is the premier member’s only marijuana club in Denver. Providing members a Cannabis Social Lounge where they can partake and share legal marijuana in Denver. Club 64 provides the following services: weekly scheduled events, private location for members to socialize , VIP locations in Denver and private VIP tours in Denver.


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This is a rather busy, urban experience. I have only been to this bar when they are packed. The entertainment is excellent, consisting mainly of jazz musicians from a local university. They have musicians in residence for a month or two often. Reservations are absolutely recommended.
in the last week
Visited on Sat I believe. The staff was very welcoming and sociable. It has a nice feel to it. I can see why they have so many great reviews.
a week ago
Today is my second year anniversary. I chose this place because of the live music and great food reviews. Both were amazing, but it still wasn’t the best part. Our server Brian treated my wife and I like we were British royalty. Not only that, but he was so articulate in describing how each food would taste. I wish I was poetic enough to attempt to provide an example of how he described the food. He also provided us a complimentary appetizer so my wife would have something to snack on since I was the only one that did the five course meal. To top it all off, as we were walking to our vehicle we hear someone yell “You forgot your Cavatelli!” He brought us the leftovers we forgot on the table. The man ran 4 blocks to bring us out meal. I mean damn, I challenge someone to give me a better example of service. My wife is lucky she’s pregnant, because in the two years we’ve been married she’s never ran 4 blocks for me. Thanks made me think for the first time in my life that I might be a Saudi Prince instead of the son of a Palestinian farmer. I swear this is 100% genuine.
a month ago
Possibly one of the worst experiences I've ever had. The server, Alison, never took my order. She came and told me about the "mocktails" and then never came back to even ask how I was doing. There was a couple sitting right next to me, who she addressed perfectly, and passed me by a total of 10 times. I had the menu open and kept drinking the water provided but never once did she ask if I was ready to take my order. I sat in the place for an hour before deciding to spend my money elsewhere. I don't know if the server thought I wouldn't tip well because I was alone or if she just didn't like me. She was doing her job perfectly fine with every other group of people. After getting up from my table, I went to the front to tell someone of my experience and to pay my artist fee. I told the lady what had happened and she didn't address my experience and simply asked if I had paid my fee, to which then she sent my server to give me the "bill". The server never said anything to me in this encounter either. She never apologized or told me why she behaved the way she did. I paid my artist fee, as the music was terrific, but overall, I had such a nasty experience here that I probably won't ever come back here. It seemed like I was judged on appearance.
4 weeks ago
My husband and I went to Nocturne to celebrate my birthday and had a fantastic time. The food was amazing, we had multiple appetizers and each had a main course as well. Such unique dishes and really creative pairings of flavors. The music the night we went was great. If you don't know much about jazz, it's nice background music and adds to the environment nicely. But if you do know a lot about jazz it's super entertaining to watch the bands perform and see the band-mates feed off of each other. The drinks were awesome as well as the service. I have zero complaints. If you're looking for a fancier place to get dinner and/or drinks with a live band - it's the best option I know of. A little on the pricier side, of course, but you get what you pay for and I consider the drinks, food, service, and the experience well worth it.
a month ago