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iBAKE Denver is a 21+ Private Membership Social Club that allows it's members to consume marijuana on site. iBAKE Denver was established in February 2013 and was the first legal social club to consume marijuana in the Denver Metro Area. Come watch TV, movies or the big game on one of our TVs or play some board games or video games with other members. Membership packages are $12 per month and just $3 per day!


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Other Reviews

first experience at a weed lounge and quite frankly I could honestly say it would probably still be the best experience I've had we played cards with the owners they were extraordinary knowledgeable in anyting Denver related in both in and outside the whole weed world playing those games with such a great experience in the laughter and the stories we shared were fantastic definitely a place to hit up
in the last week
If u want a chill not judgment place to get high and relax and meet locals about places to see and eat come here. Well worth coming to. You can smoke cigarettes and pot.
a week ago
If you can handle a house being cigarette and cannabis hot boxed then you'd like this place. Smoke your dank, chill with friends, have some snacks and aid your cotton mouth with some refreshing drinks. They provide the smoking equipment, you just provide the dank.
a month ago
Stumbled upon this place by chance when visiting the brewery a few blocks away and fell in love with it. Very relaxed and chill. Love the communal aspect of it. Plus it's nice to not pay an extra fee to use their dab rigs and other glasswares
a month ago
I've had the privilege of being around this place since almost the very beginning(about 5 years). It's a combination of good people with common interests coming together to create the epicenter of the Cannabis community. This isn't just a place to smoke weed, this is a place to make friends, learn new things, and leave just a little better than when you walked in. There's a reason that this place was one of the first to open and still stands happy and proud to this day. I wouldn't send anyone to any other place.
2 months ago