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We have moved locations and are NOW OPEN in Denver CO! 

New address:

808 E 78th Ave, Denver Colorado 80229


We are a members only pipe and tobacco shop that allows you to consume, flower, tobacco, and dabs indoors.

Our new upscale location is located in Denver Colorado.  2,220SQ. 20FT Ceilings! Amazing Visual Fiber Wall Art.

We provide house rigs, pipes, electric e-nails, bongs, trays, grinders, and everything you need to consume safely. 

Bring your own cannabis.

We do not sale any weed,wax, or edibles.

We also have snacks and drinks available for purchase as well as games for you to play.   

$20 for your first day and $10 any other day you return. 

$20 includes your first day and monthly membership card. 

Please call 303-781-4642 for more information or for any questions.


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Other Reviews

It was a great atmosphere overall. Everyone super friendly. Chill vibes. My one complaint though is that online states that its 10 bucks the first time and 4.20 afterwards. Saw that on a few different forums. Chill. Except when we got there it was 20 bucks the first time and was told after that its 10 each time.. But after a month, I have to pay that 20 bucks again.. I can see how this would be great market for tourist traveling through town and ya gotta make your money somehow, but as a local, I would really like to frequent this place a lot more if there was a better deal to get in. Great beverage and snack selection though for sure! And that mural on the back wall is beautiful!
in the last week
U must Visit!! This place is awesome.. and everyone in it is so sweet. Its like one big happy Family!! If you want a place just to chill and relax.. this is place u want to go. Im just sad I didnt come to this place on my first day here. I absolutely love it!! And the owner was from Florida too and He is just as awesome as the place he runs.
a week ago
Very cool, chill spot!! The owner is very nice and makes you feel welcomed. My husband and I visited for a vacation and we went like 3 times a day, awesome people and environment will definitely be back when we visit again soon!!
a month ago
Such an awesome vibe!! Marty is really chill and everyone is very welcoming and friendly. You meet like minded individuals from all around the world! My fiance and I visited the studio almost every day of our vacation. Thank you for helping us create dope memories to take back home with us!!
2 months ago
Great place! Perfect for hanging out and smoking. They have a gaming area, private booths, awesome open space, snack bar ( which had all the right stuff), a cool head shop all in one, and so much more. Amazing art too
a month ago