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The Dab Lounge is a 420/710 friendly private members social club located in the middle of Colorado Springs. Comedy daily! 


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Really chill place even for ppl who don't really partake in the whole 420 thing very often. I really enjoy their comedy nights and miss playing poker there. Really friendly staff and knowledgeable as well. Can also play pool and vintage video games. Plus they're open 24/7 so if you need a place to take a break from life in the middle of the night you can go there and not be bothered.
a week ago
Excellent Place to Come and hang out friendly People
a week ago
I've been going to this place for 2 years and its always great people, awesome survice, and really the best products
2 weeks ago
Fun and friendly place! Made us feel at home.
2 months ago
Easy place to be. Went for Poker night .Owner was nice . Staff was friendly .It felt like a really really safe dive bar? The patrons were also nice. I will be back.
4 months ago