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Every week is harvest week with all natural cannabis from Colorado Harvest Company! We grow 70 different strains, and feature up to 30 unique and potent strains on any given day, with fresh harvests hitting the shelves weekly. All of our marijuana plants are grown in soil and treated all-naturally by a team of master horticulturists, with special emphasis placed on the flushing and curing processes.

In addition to our recreational cannabis, we are pleased to offer one of the largest selections of marijuana-infused products in Colorado. Our recreational stores have been recognized worldwide as one of Colorado's preferred cannabis destinations and our professional and friendly staff is here to help you find the perfect product for any occasion. Stop in today to say hello!

Company History

Colorado Harvest Company was founded by Tim Cullen and Ralph Morgan, two healthcare professionals with over 20 years of experience in the medical field. Tim Cullen, an expert in plant science and biology, oversees all growing and retail operations at Colorado Harvest Company. Ralph Morgan now serves as CEO of O.penVAPE, the largest brand in cannabis, where Cullen is a co-owner and founding partner.

We pride ourselves in offering premium medicine and compassionate customer service. The comfort and trust of our customers is the cornerstone of our business. Stop in to any of our 3 stores today to experience the Colorado Harvest Company difference!


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Other Reviews

Great vibe for a dispensary. On site glass studio. Consistent good flower for a decent price.
a week ago
I have been coming here for the past 3yrs and I have never had a problem with any of the staff I am a Loyal customer that comes twice a week and never I mean never have I experienced Rudeness UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE I'm offended and so should u that the Manger Alyssa couldn't handle the situation not just this day but a couple in the past month or two her attitude is unfriendly and to be Frank doesn't seem to be able to Manage a thing. The cashier which I have never seen before today Serena seemed as if she had a busy day called Work! Was very confrontational with me as I asked her a question about something she had asked someone else to ask me when she had the opportunity while I was at the window. Serena became very abrupt and Rude to point that it upset me ×1000. COLORADO HARVEST HAS BEEN ONE OF MY Favorite dispensary TO GO TO FRIENDLY PEOPLE THAT GREET U AND MAKE U FEEL GOOD TO SPEND UR MONEY IN THERE GLADY HOWEVER THE PAST MONTH OR TWO PEOPLE SEEM UNHAPPY AT WORK SOME ARE SHORT AND SOME ARE VERY FRIENDLY. ALYSSA AND SERENA UNPROFESSIONAL AND NOT VERY WELL TRAINED.
2 months ago
I am absolutely shocked at the call I got from my wife, who I suggested moments before I put this review in, to go there because your business has some of the greatest flower in town. She arrived and was immediately met with rudeness from whom she described as one of the security guards and a couple of bud tenders . I have been a loyal customer at your establishment for nearly four years now, and have spent a substantial amount of money there in the process, your customer service was always amazing, hell they have helped me even when it didn’t involve the business aspect of things. Just a couple of months ago the staff helped me when my motorcycle died out there, they have always gone above and beyond so it pains me to hear that not only did my wife get yelled at by one of security guards she was ignored trying to purchase an additional product ( sesh joint) and to top it off after my wife was already embarrassed and mad the person behind that counter boldly asked her if she wanted a bag for her stuff, which from my understanding is against the law because I thought marijuana had to be in bag after purchase but I could be wrong, besides the point, I’m just mortified that my wife came home in tears because a couple of employees were having a bad day. I want to continue coming to this dispensary but after seeing my wife in tears I’m not sure anymore. I don’t get it you have always been a great company in my eyes why was wasn’t my wife given the same experiences I had the great honor to endure ? I mean damn this was her first time there
2 months ago
I love this location! I come here once a week and I have never had a bad experience. Alyssa is a literal ray of sunshine and is always so helpful. They also have the best happy hour in Denver/Aurora area. So happy I found my dispensary :-)
2 months ago
I cycled quite a way to go to Colorado Harvest and thought I’d arrived in time. I was locking up my bike when the security man asked me curtly “can I help you?” (What are you doing?) a woman said “we close at 9:40. I rode fast an hard and hadn’t looked at the time but I knew, thought they closed at 9:50. I’m not going to make a big deal so I thanked them and rode away. I looked at the time at the next intersection, it was 9:33. When does Colorado Harvest Company close? I’m going there now. I forgive y’all.
3 months ago

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