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Best place for concentrates and flower! Good selection that looks great. Awesome friendly staff my absolute favorite dispensary!
in the last week
This location is always the best experience out of the Good Chem stores. Wish they'd lower back their prices but in being patient.. PLEASE
a week ago
I didn't buy anything since nothing in their selection caught my eye. However as I was browsing a gentleman who was pretty intoxicated stepped up to order and I watched them professionally turn him away. Even when he pushed back they held their ground and told him he is more than welcome to go home sober up and come back, but that they would not sell to him at that time. It makes me feel comfortable going to them about in the future.
2 weeks ago
Fantastic experience! I rolled in from Texas and made it a point to visit as many dispensaries in the Denver area before I went camping. Good Chemistry has by far the best prices that we found and a HUGE selection of my all-time favorite strains. The shatter deal is amazing as well. Friendly and professional budtenders with an awesome showroom. Will definitely return next time we are in Denver!
2 months ago
If I remember right I think today was possibly my second visit and it happened to just be an accidental trip as my car decided to break down at Buckley and Iliff, I get my car to limp into the parking lot and go inside to make a phone call as it’s 90+ degrees out today and I was greeted by the front desk person, I informed them of the issue and they were great about it, one employee even came out to see if he could help. Anyway long story short I get help dispatched and go back inside to at least make a purchase to say thanks for letting me take up a parking spot. I get my product and head outside, there was another employee outside possibly a security guard and he asks if I need help and I respond with what had happened, his response was very empathetic and he then informed me that if my car was going to be there past the weekend just to let them know so they didn’t think it was abandoned. Thank you to the staff for being so helpful and sympathetic to the issue. Car was gone in under 30 minutes.
2 months ago

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