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Looking for recreational marijuana dispensaries in Aurora? Look no further than MiNDFUL! Our Aurora location is situated just south of Colfax on Peoria Street, conveniently close to highways I-70 and 225 as well as the Lowry and Stapleton neighborhoods.

Our store is located just a short distance east of the retro and slightly funky section of Colfax known as the Aurora Cultural Arts District. The Art Deco buildings along Colfax are slowly disappearing, replaced with newer structures, but there’s still enough left to remind us why Colfax, once the heart of the city, is sometimes referred to as “Original Aurora.”

Our beautiful modern building, located on the edge of this retro section of town, puts us somewhere between old and new. Our Aurora location is a recreational dispensary, so all customers 21 and older are welcome here.


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Last updated on Saturday, September 28, 2019


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Other Reviews

Bud tender Francis is very unprofessional. Love Mindful but refuse to shop during any of her shifts. She has minimal knowledge of the products and when asked about them she refuses to offer any help. It would be beneficial to the company to provide Francis with proper customer service skills. Peoria location
a week ago
My number one complaint is the hours of operation. Who opens up at 11AM? Second their quality of their products have gone down. The price is good.
a month ago
Pros: Staff were friendly and willing to help. They had an inventory mix up and sold me the wrong strain for some prerolls. I caught it as soon as I went outside. I went back in and they more than took care of the problem. They definitely made good and even threw in a little extra for my trouble. Cons: I am from Florida and used to a more professional / medical atmosphere. This place had a little too much of the "420 stoner" vibe going on for my taste. Also the clientele who were buying were SKETCH. I don't really knock them too much for either one because the first is just a matter of personal taste and the second isn't really under their control. Being the farthest Eastern dispensary in the state it was very nice to have them available on my way in from Kansas. I would just suggest tightening up the presentation a bit.
2 months ago
The worst employee goes to Mindful yes the one on Peoria Street, I wanted to buy live resin instead they sold me butter wax and then when I tried to exchange for what I wanted the Mindful employees wouldn't help me for their mistakes, I felt disrespected and treated unfairly Mindful employees should be fired and higher knowledgeable experience people that know the difference between live resin and butter wax I didn't waste my money so I could get ripped off buy a company that doesn't know their products.
2 months ago
If your trying to pay easy coast prices in Denver then look no further.
4 months ago

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