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Located next to Aurora's Nine Mile Station, a busy and convenient hub for commuters destined for all parts of Colorado, this Green Solution is arguably the most visually striking of all our stores. The interior features thirty-foot ceilings in the waiting room and, to the delight of many, the pungent fast food odors associated with the building’s previous tenant have been replaced with pleasant floral aromas.


Once inside the shop, you'll be able to browse our merchandise while waiting for your turn in the product gallery. Once inside, you will find ample strain varieties, edibles, and concentrates available for purchase. Don’t forget your Loyalty Card, which earns you rewards with each purchase! If you are not yet a part of our Loyalty Club, ask a Retail Associate to help you sign up. It’s a quick, simple process applicable to any purchase.

✔ Bilingual with Spanish speaking employees
✔ Lots of parking available
✔ Right off Parker and 225
✔ Wheelchair access
✔ Parking for RV's
✔ ATM available in the lobby
✔ Our waiting room was a McDonald’s PlayPlace!


First Annual DOPE Cup

1st Place Tincture – NectarBee Berry Tincture

1st Place Distillate – NectarBee THC Distillate

1st Place Shatter – NectarBee Blueberry Pure Shatter

1st Place Nose – The Green Solution’s Persephone

2nd Place CBD Flower – The Green Solution’s Rubicon


Sixth Annual THC Championship


1st Place and People’s Choice – NectarBee Muscle Balm

2nd Place and Connoisseurs Choice – NectarBee Nerve Salve


CBD Concentrate

3rd Place – Desert Ruby



3rd Place and People’s Choice - Rubicon Rosin

La Vida Loca – Best Tested


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Ultimate Party Cone for $74.95
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Strain Specific Palm Blunt for $12.95
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Other Reviews

I always love shopping here. The selection and customer service are top notch. June was able to find me exactly what I wanted very quickly! A great place!
in the last week
Brittany is Amazing! Which don’t confuse her with any other Brittany! The redhead, yeah amazing customer service and is the reason why I keep coming (besides the weed) if you don’t know now you know!
in the last week
Would like to give a huge shout out to Toby i came in no in the best mood. Toby took the time out to see why i was having a bad day then helped me pick out a couple good deals so i could have a little extra fun. Ran in to a couple problems with being out of stock on a item so he help me find another item just as good. then to top it off i was a couple bucks shorts so he helped me out with a discount. In the many years of of dealing with dispo i never had anybody go out of there way to make sure i left happier then i came in. If the man is up for a raise he should def get one or some kind of congrats on doing a awesome job.
a week ago
I've been coming to this place for a few weeks now because it's on the way to work. First few weeks...besides the long waits in line...the flower was actually good... I even became a member. It's been hit or miss with this place. But TODAY WAS THE FINAL LET DOWN. Wait in line...get my flower that I'm told test at 30% and and cost almost $20 for a single gram literally am given this dry flower with no effect what so ever. I've had lower testing flower (16-20%) do the job better than this. Going back to my old dispensary. Real smokers ain't smoking this bud.
2 weeks ago
We went 3 years ago from NYS what an experience they were all so friendly and helpful and explained things to me I had no idea about after toking for 16 years at that point. The product line was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed everything we purchased. They also had a military discount which was unexpected and awesome.
2 weeks ago

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