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MiNDFUL Dispensary is proud to offer Berthoud and its surrounding areas our premier handcrafted, organic medical cannabis products. Whatever ailment you might suffer from, we have the medical cannabis product for you.

Our talented growers are always working to innovate; creating new strains and hybrids to offer treatment for specific medical conditions. A great example is our White Dawg, a special strain designed to treat anxiety, stress and depression. Our goal is to always work toward growing better medical marijuana for our customers. If you are interested in concentrates, edibles or tinctures, we have a great variety of these products that will also suit your medical needs.

We don’t stop at providing you with the best organic medical cannabis products on the market. Our experienced staff values integrity, accountability, respect, and innovation in everything we do. We truly care about each and every member and customer and will take the time needed to make sure we find you the perfect product for your medical needs and to answer any questions you may have.

Our Berthoud MiNDFUL Medical Dispensary is conveniently located at 1015 N. Second St., just south of Bunyan Avenue. Stop in and talk to our caring and experienced staff about your medical needs.



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Last updated on Wednesday, October 16, 2019


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Other Reviews

This place used to be amazing. I was a member here for 3 years plus. Due to the handling of members, the few perks offered for medical members being completely out, the start and sometimes preferential treatment of the recreational side AND so much more, I and many more members sent a break up letter and joined across the street...
6 months ago
Giving a 4 star because of the price change. I absolutely love this place and would drive down from FoCo all the time. Sadly this passed week flower prices went up a decent amount and it may no longer be worth the half hour drive each way. I really hope the prices go back to what they were. But I will say the staff here is super awesome!
6 months ago
I loved it. If you're not sure what to Get. Then step aside for a minute. It can Get crowded in a blink of an eye. But they will show you samples and allow the different kinds to Grab your attention from the so many different kinds of 'The Good ?? Stuff'. I loved it .
2 months ago
Natalie was so helpful and funny. Great staff and product. I will for sure be back soon!
2 months ago
Price hikes on the rec side (and lack of good priced concentrates) and removal of the monthly member benefit on the medical side and this place is no longer special or worth any sort of drive. Recently renewed my card after using the rec side and was shocked to hear they dropped all of the member discounts (no more $50 credit or some other deals). Glad I didn't sign my plants up here... They get to grow SIX for you and they can't do ANYTHING but "sell" to you. Would give lower than one star if I could; good flower and concentrate is found literally everywhere now and MiNDFUL is raising prices and dropping discounts. Very good reason to shop elsewhere if you are driving any sort of distance.
3 months ago

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