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Terrapin Care Station is committed to providing medical patients and recreational consumers with a wide selection of the finest quality cannabis products at industry leading everyday low prices.

With 5 convenient locations throughout Denver, Boulder, and Aurora we are easy to find and look forward to seeing you soon.

An industry leader, TCS was the largest single cannabis industry contributor to the Amendment 64 campaign in Colorado. We are dedicated to expanding patient and consumer rights and work with the our elected officials in Colorado to ensure access to life enhancing cannabis.


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Magic Monday - Choose Any Weekly Deal
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Willie's Wednesday - 15% Off Willie's Reserve
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Therapeutic Thursday - 15% Off Topicals and Tinctures
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Weed Loves Saturdays
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Mix & Match Flower Ounces Starting at $99
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8 Gram Bear Pack of Wax & Shatter for $99
Last updated on Thursday, October 4, 2018


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Other Reviews

My home dispo!! To start, the staff is amazing!! They are always super friendly, always know what they are talking about, and always have solid recommendations. The quality of product is always superb as well, with great deals to accompany the quality. I never leave disappointed, and ready to come back!! Keep up the awesome work you guys!!
3 months ago
It's hard to characterize in words how much I love, honor and respect this business. I have been a customer since the first day they opened recreational services in 2014, and going in has honestly felt like home to me the entire time. Seriously, I went back to my home state for the holidays one year and didn't have a great time, when I got back I immediately went to Terrapin and felt my entire energy field change because it just felt so good and nourishing to be in there after being in Mississippi. The staff is SO nice - genuinely nice - and they are exceptionally knowledgeable. They usually remember me and have honestly been supportive of me during some really hard times simply through authentic kindness. I actually was one of many people in the Denver-Boulder area interviewed by the New York Times after legalization, and I attempted to get these people mentioned because that's how much I support them and the way they run their business and treat their customers. Giving other people our money doesn't always feel great or like what we want to do, but I can honestly say that I enjoy supporting these people with my dollar. When they first opened as a recreational store, they actually had a free ATM in there. I've never seen that in my life. I've left Boulder and then moved back multiple times, and it's always been sad to leave the Folsom store. I did that again yesterday, and I genuinely can't wait to move back when the time is right and continue my loyalty to the store. Thank you, Terrapin, for capturing the essence of why Boulder is so magical. The Hellz Angel OG is their best strain in mine and many others' opinion, but their concentrates are also fun. Excellent people watching in the waiting room!
3 weeks ago
At best they were average, however due to the recent firing of most of Terrapin’s local management I would go elsewhere. The long-time store manager at this location did! No one I have talked to enjoys working there & though the whole industry is essentially a cash grab at this point, your time is probably better spent waiting in a different lobby.
a month ago
I've been coming to this place for the last year or so, and have been quite happy with the quality and prices. However, I will no longer be visiting this dispensary, as I had an overall extremely unpleasant, uncomfortable last visit. I'm not sure why you all feel compelled to yell "Wanna buy some drugs?" upon seeing clients entering, but it is what it is... My main issue was actually with how I was treated while being ID'ed; I get it, it's a college town and you're concerned about fake IDs but proceeding to bend my already slightly bent ID over and over and over (which in turn is creating an even larger crease) was excessive. When I politely asked the attendant to please not bend my ID like that (as it was *once again* already visibly slightly creased from a former bend), he told me "I've handled hundreds of IDs and I know what I'm doing here to do my job"...funny because I've been to hundreds of dispensaries including this one and have never had to sit and watch someone try and break my ID in half to "test it". Anyways by the time I made it back to purchase stuff, I was visibly perturbed I'm sure, and explained to the guy helping me why I was a little bothered by that exchange I had with my ID and the dude handling it so roughly. The current guy helping me goes on to explain "We get a lot of fakes in here" and also mentions I might wanna change my ID "because if any light can be seen through the crease, that's why it has to be denied." So after hearing that, I'm extra livid! Because what that means is that guy checking my ID (which didn't have any light coming through the crease because I'm constantly careful to make sure it's not getting bent any further) was unnecessarily bending my ID repeatedly. Whatever. There are plenty of other dispensaries and to be frank, I'd suggest y'all try some others if you're taking your time to read these reviews. My friend was waiting outside with her dog, and was excited to go in and try the products but after I explained what happened she opted to go somewhere else. It really is that easy!
2 months ago

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