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The Farm cultivates 100% of our own cannabis in Boulder, CO. We maintain craft quality with small bloom rooms tended by master growers. We employ sustainable growing with small batch outputs in order to bring out the best quality of every plant. We never spray our cannabis flower with fungicide or pesticide. Our product is fully flushed, slow dried and given a long cure to provide you the smoothest, most flavorful smoke. Our goal is to consistently provide a high-end product with only the most exceptional aroma, flavor, and effects.


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Last updated on Sunday, February 17, 2019


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Other Reviews

My go to place each time I'm in Boulder. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Wide assortment of high quality products with clear pricing options and beautiful well stocked storefront to shop if there is a wait.
2 weeks ago
Everyone here is so nice and helpful. I have not used marijuana in over 25 years but now I'm very grateful for it helping me with my cancer treatment. At another dispensary (14er) some of the people are very arrogant and snotty because I know so little. But the people here at the store or always loving and kind and willing to explain everything. There is no attitude or being looked down upon because I'm ignorant. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is always positive and upbeat. Thank you.
4 weeks ago
I visited about 16 recreational shops over three days and found The Farm to be the best designed. Despite the high ceiling and large rooms, the space was well used. Surrounded by a silly amount of glass and tie-dye the waiting room made me feel like a tourist in a gift shop, but... The variety of product available was very impressive, especially after seeing some of the other hole-in-a-wall shops. This is one of the few shops I would go visit again. My budtender asked questions and was helpful. Keep up the hard work.
a month ago
Margaritaville in Orlando is what it reminds me of. I find the place obnoxious. Always a wait. Guess a good place for tourists. I don't get the best rec store in Boulder. Don't get me wrong. Huge selection, and good product. I just cannot stand the touristy nature, and find the staff somewhat obnoxious compared to other local dispensaries. I just want to get it and get out. If you are in a hurry, they do offer online order and pick up. But plan on being there a while. It's always crowded, and the actual dispensary room is small and not large enough to accommodate the client base.
2 months ago
Pretty sweep pot shop. Awesome glass. The prices are above average for Boulder. Quality is excellent. I think it's the best quality smoke in Boulder. Sometimes the staff are awesome, sometimes they can be rude. Overall 4 stars. My second choice for dispenarys in Boulder.
3 months ago