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The Farm cultivates 100% of our own cannabis in Boulder, CO. We maintain craft quality with small bloom rooms tended by master growers. We employ sustainable growing with small batch outputs in order to bring out the best quality of every plant. We never spray our cannabis flower with fungicide or pesticide. Our product is fully flushed, slow dried and given a long cure to provide you the smoothest, most flavorful smoke. Our goal is to consistently provide a high-end product with only the most exceptional aroma, flavor, and effects.


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Other Reviews

Fantastic experience. Extremely knowledgeable staff who didn't rush my decision. Explained everything and was very helpful. Clean look with an excellent selection.
in the last week
The Farm is a great store. Certainly a clean well lit place that a lady can feel good about buying cannabis. Woman owned... Great staff. Great cannabis... I used to work there. .Know how good the growers are. Some of the best in Colorado... Strong rec
2 weeks ago
Really fun shop if you are looking for some nice high quality cannabis. They offer glass smoking pieces as well as electronic vaporizers, oil burning rigs and torches, and a good selection of rolling papers. They do not carry tobacco products because of liscencing issues so no wraps or cigars. The have a strain of the week, early bird specials, and other deals going on all the time. Just make sure you have proper I.D. ready and they group check so, everyone in your group will be required to have proper identification (no matter what age).
2 months ago
How often does passion for a plant fuel compassion for consumers? This world class dispensary exemplifies personal service, and compassionate care for their patrons. When you shop here, all of the medicine is clean, and their choices are curated. Even in tough situations, or even when the customer is at fault, their care and concern shines through. They’ve won my loyalty and endorsement.
5 months ago

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