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Expensive and low grade stuff. Better options in the same parking lot. This place used to be awesome. Now they're a bunch of rip offs.
a year ago
I visited Alpenglow Botanicals in Breckenridge on my last trip to the mountains from Denver. It was a pleasant change from some of the in your face shops in the city. The biggest surprise was how nice the flower is. They grow their own right there in Breckenridge and it is really good. I mixed four different strains to get a lower half ounce price and every strain I tried was fragrant and tasted good. If you like a quality product at a good price, this is your place.
2 years ago
Service was good and the staff was cool, but the bud I got was so dry that when I broke it up it literally turned into dust!
4 months ago
Great store, all the employees are super friendly, knowledgeable of product and provide an extremely welcoming atmosphere, easily my favorite place to bring visiting friends from out of state for that last point alone. You guys rock, thanks for the recommendation Chad!
7 months ago
Who doesnt love weed, and this is some pretty spectacular stuff. Great quality and they didnt charge me extra just because I am from out of state(unlike many dispensaries in the county). I had the pleasure of re-meeting chad he is enthusiastic about his job and passionate about the industry in general. I encountered this young man at a different dispensary a while back and can't get over how much friendlier he is than the previous staff he was a part of. Keep up the good work I will return on my next trip to the mountains.
a year ago

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