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Valid on Sunday, Friday, Saturday
5 1 Gram Pre-Rolls for $25
$35.00  $25.00
4 Grams of CBD Shatter for $50
$80.00  $50.00
4 Grams for $50
$60.00  $50.00
4 Grams for $60
$80.00  $60.00
$100 Ounce Special
$170 Mix & Match Ounce Special
$240.00  $170.00
Last updated on Tuesday, January 22, 2019


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Other Reviews

extremely disrespectful bad treatment. Horrible experience I would also put 0 stars. Terrible terrible service. Checkout the green dragon across the street much better.
a month ago
Excellent experience. Helpful budtender from the get go, even though I already knew what I’d be purchasing, the extra info never hurts. Clean, organized with great prices. Best place in town hands down. If you want great selection and great prices, get yourself down to BOT.
2 weeks ago
I love these guys! Super good prices on edibles and the best weed in town! They are also very knowledgeable and will actually take time to answer your questions and explain things to you. Perfect place for an introduction to THC/CBD/dispensaries!
4 weeks ago
Best flower around, always cured properly with amazing variety to choose from! Top shelf as good as it gets and at least 25% less than anyone within 100 miles!! With $15 dollar eight's on bottom shelf that rival the quality of "top" shelves at competition! Concentrates fairly priced! Best shop I've visited in 4 states! Must visit for connesuirs !!
3 months ago
Such amazing flower and wax options! They always offer very attractive and fun specials. I highly recommend :)
3 months ago