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Organix is a medical marijuana and recreational marijuana dispensary in Breckenridge Colorado that prides itself in providing superior quality organic medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and marijuana concentrates. We are compassionate and knowledgeable professionals that work with each patient individually to ensure that all of your needs are met. Established since 2009, we proudly stand behind all of our products and are continuously perfecting and improving them so that our patients only receive the best. We grow and sell the best pot in Breckenridge Colorado!


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I am a card holder in Arizona and was visiting breckenridge for my bachelor party. In a legal state i expected it to be really easy for me to get a concentrate cartridge for my pain. Well it was at first...they did let me in the first time with one small problem..i have an arizona state ID, which doesn't expire. so there wasn't an expiration date, but they let me in because im 29. While i was let in the first time and bought a 500mg cartridge and a 1/4 of flower (which was very good). Whowever, the cartridge was stored upside down so the coil was not saturated, i thus burnt the coil not noticing it had no product on it. Now...i went back to the store and explained my situation and they said. Ver problems, you keep that one we cannot take it back, and we will replace it, JUST SHOW ME YOUR ID. I figured, cool real good customer service. Then all the sudden because my arizona state id didnt have the expiration date they couldn't do anything for me..they said they could offer me merchandise worth the cartridge(dont want to advertise for you bro)..i asked if i sent someone in with a colorado id then could they exchange it? He said yes...( i think he was nervous and said the wrong thing at this point). So i did that.. sent a friend in with the cartridge and the manager came out and said that WE WERE BREAKING THE LAW BY BRINGING IT BACK IN....they gave us a free battery and told us that the cartridge worked just fine...stop hiring 20 year olds to run your buisness...its horrible. At the very least i was out of $40 at that point...its fine ill go back to AZ! yourselves a favor and go next door to the place all my friends went to...i got sucked into the "organix" name. If you go through the review feed you will see that whenever a customer is dissatisfied the owner doesnt offer any constructive or professional feedback. Just points out what the customer does wrong and doest take any responsibility. dont support this place.
in the last week
Service was awesome! Answered all of of our groups questions and was extremely helpful
a month ago
Great place! Well maintained, good selection, great customer service with a knowledgeable staff
2 months ago
Solid customer service. These guys don’t disappoint! Thank you for making customers feel welcome and comfortable.
2 months ago
I really like this place. The flower is great. Prices are very good. They take care of locals too! Bud tenders are always very helpful and friendly here. If you are in town and looking for a place to trust, I definitely recommend Organix??
3 months ago

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