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Founded in 2010, Maggie’s Farm is the leading cannabis company of outdoor grown, medical and recreational marijuana in southern Colorado. We provide our customers and patients with the best cannabis available.

Our flower is sun-grown from seed, in 100% custom-mixed soil, spring-watered, slow-cured and hand trimmed. Maggie's Farm cannabis is "Clean Green" certified, meaning all our flower is 100% pesticide and growth hormone free!

In addition to our premium cannabis selection, we also carry a wide array of concentrates, edibles, topicals and tinctures by the industry's top infused product manufactures.

Since 2013, our customers have voted us as Colorado Springs #1 Dispensary in the Independent's Best of Awards. In 2014 and 2015 Maggie’s Farm was also voted Best of the Gazette, 1st place winner.

Our friendly and knowledgeable Budtenders will ensure you leave with product that fits your needs, all while providing a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Stop by one of our 6 convenient locations today to see what you've been missing!


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Other Reviews

This place is the best place i have ever had a membership with. Most of those people i have became friends with over the time and it really does feel like a family orientated shop
in the last week
Maggie's Farm, Cañon City (Medical ONLY! Closest Rec is Maggie's Farm, Pueblo West location as of now.) has been my go-to for well over 6 years. Great selection, knowledgeable staff, and pretty great overall.Went in yesterday for a concentrate sale though, and left a bit disappointed. I wanted to get some concentrates and a caviar cone, which I have wanted to try for over a year. I was short on cash in my wallet due to my wife just coming from Christmas shopping, so I asked the bud-tender if I could go get more of MY cash from my wife in the car outside (she had my cash from the Christmas shopping she did prior.). Bad idea, which I understand to an extent. I now know it's to keep them safe and legal, but I wasn't even allowed to explain myself. I was told repeatedly that "It's discretionary". I was still able to get the concentrates I wanted but no caviar cone as I could already tell the bud-tender was irritated and felt a bit uncomfortable. If you feel I am not purchasing for myself then just say it and I will leave, instead of repeating "It's discretionary" or "I didn't hear that". I never want to put one of my tenders in a bad situation, nor have I had issues with any other bud-tender and I really never had issues with the one I dealt with, but repeating the same two lines while I attempt to explain myself, made me feel pretty dumb. Gonna be a bit before I go back in. If your significant other is the holder of your money for any reason, even if it's because they keep better track or because they handle finances, make sure it doesn't come up at Maggie's Farm. Doesn't matter if your significant other doesn't smoke or if you can prove it's your money because it's "discretionary". I learned a lesson for sure, but in a way that made me a tad sour. Maybe it was handled perfectly fine, but I didn't leave feeling that way. I won't be removing any stars for this one instance I felt was handled wrongly, but hopefully, this post will help anyone from making the same mistake. Keep the small talk short and either come with enough cash, or decline without stating any sort of intentions. Keeps them safe and will keep you safe as well.
3 weeks ago
It's a wonderful place.. people help you with what is good for you
2 months ago
I have tried over 50 dispensaries from here to Colorado Springs. Maggie"s offers over 30 strains to chose from. For non members they offer grab and go ounces. For members top shelf ounces are under a $100. Plus each day of the week has a discount for members only I believe. The store is clean. Bud tenders are knowledgeable. Sometimes the wait can be long. The store part only has room for 2 patients. That's the only downside. Some of their products are overly expensive.
3 months ago
Some of the best people in the medical industry, so friendly and knowledgable, and they also have fair priced, quality meds.
a month ago

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