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From seed in the soil to bud behind glass, NATIVE ROOTS delivers the highest quality, naturally grown, recreational and medical cannabis earning the brand and reputation as Colorado’s most trusted dispensary. Whether our customers purchase our own homegrown cannabis extracts, edibles, marijuana drinks, tinctures, and cannabis infused products or select something from one of our vendor partners, they understand they are getting the best the state has to offer.

Spanning the state, from Denver to the High Country, Native Roots is the nation's largest and leading dispensary chain offering a wide selection of products in addition to flowers (buds), which include wax, shatter, live resin, pre-rolled cones, vape pens, dab rigs, and so much more. We call our style, exemplary customer service, and dedication to quality doing thing the “Native Way”. Welcome to the Native Fam.


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Other Reviews

I dont usually write reviews but the customer service here was phenomenal. I went in sunday 12/8 morning (didnt get her name) but the young lady with long brown hair was more than willing to help with all of my questions and was very knowledgable on all of the product. Will be coming back!
in the last week
Went here the other day to just grab some pre-rolls. I got the newbie deals, so saved some $ and I enjoyed them! I did feel a little rushed (It's a busy area so I get that) but the staff was very energetic and happy to be there!
a week ago
Not happy! They keep bumping their prices up to a point that it not worth it any more. I was with them for over a year the whole reason I went there was for the price and military discount. Instead of grandfathering in all of their previous LOYAL customers with the same price that we signed up for, they almost doubled the price on us. I strongly suggest looking around for cheaper product with the same quality. You can find $10 grams of shatter all over the springs so dont settle here. You can get twice the amount for the same price if you're patient enough and call around at other dispensaries. The chronic boutique at 325 e pike peak ave & the Golden med right next to them sells $10(OTD) grams of wax and shatter all the time. I would strongly suggest this option over these guys any day.
2 months ago
What a nice experience! So pleasant to talk to a knowledgeable group that understands the growing process the drawing process and I appreciate them sampling and knowing what they're talking about with each strain! When I come in I'm called by name. I've got my business. Thank you for representing the medical marijuana facility so professionally. Thank you Joe Payne
3 months ago
I absolutely love this place. Huge selection, unbeatable prices, and friendly staff. Great veteran discount for all the vets out there. They are always getting new strains as well so there’s always something new to take home. 5/5 stars. Never had a bad experience.
6 months ago

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