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$80 Flower Oz's / $20Eighths / $20 G Shatter/Wax!

North Denver's Newest Rec Dispensary. Most strains test 25%-34% THC!

Organic Flower, Edibles, Pre Rolls, Topicals, Vapes, Concentrates! Great Prices!


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$80 OTD Ounces
Tax Included
$65 OTD Oz of Shake
$20 OTD Craft Sesh Wax!
Tax Included
Last updated on Saturday, November 23, 2019


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Other Reviews

Prices are great bud is great as well!!
a week ago
Quality selection here! Try the STRATOS Energy pills at this shop, I love them!
a month ago
Luis the manager is great! Love the atmosphere, the shake is great quality but I was coming in for the 90$ oz and they've raised prices which makes me go elsewhere
3 months ago
hella cheap price for my OZ .....went back for a G of wax ! thanks Lou for all the great info .
7 months ago
WOW ....This place has it all! Great deals and product! I picked up a nice $90 oz and tomorrow i might go in tomorrow for some of their concentrates.
10 months ago

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