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Torrie is amazing! Great customer service!
2 months ago
Yes, nice prices. But I drove an hour to come here to find them closed, I think.. doorbell missing and no response to phone calls. Voice message outdated by like half a year! Get it together, stoners.
a month ago
Good prices, good stuff. One MAJOR complaint, if they say they open at 10, don't show up till atleast 1130. If you own a business, open when you say you do, if not close the doors. It turns away thousands of dollars in sales because the doors aren't open remotely close to the time Google or the sign outside the store say. Please fix that problem, it's extremely activating.
2 months ago
They never pick up the phone. They arent there during advertised hours i spent 30 dollars ubering up there i got there at 6:15 even though it says open till 8. They need to hire some employees. Because of their poor busniess ethics i can no longer purchase the medicine i need to treat my seizures. Im very dissapointed
2 months ago
Really happy shopping here, great concentrates. Their rosin, diamonds and shatter/wax deals are pretty awesome. The quality of medication from evergreen, newt Bros , rmg and other great brandsled concentrates is top notch. I have not gotten any flower, but the smell is awesome. I will have to check on the flower my next visit!!????????
5 months ago

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