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As Devin said, great prices and selection, but the majority of the staff are extremely rude. On the flip side - I’ll always shop here since I feel absolutely no obligation to tip unlike the other shops I go to.
2 weeks ago
If you're in the business of providing a service, try hiring people who actually want to serve. The face-tatted woman offered 0 advice or recommendations after I told her explicitly what I needed. Just lugged a few jars of flower on the counter and opened them for me to smell. Have been a long-time customer of Good Chem - I don't know why I ever strayed from them. Never going back.
2 months ago
How could you hate this place? Okay so the weed is super fire and even though stock may sometimes be low, good weed is a hard thing to find now adays AND THIS PLACE HAS IT! Super frosty buds, flavorful hash and the bud tender (didn't catch her name, she had glasses and a nice smile) was super friendly and helpful. Glad I stopped by!
2 months ago
ALWAYS friendly, positive budtenders and excellent service. Great selection and excellent quality. It really doesn't hurt that the staff are absolutely gorgeous either. Good hash selection and edibles. You're hard pressed to find a better one stop dispensary.
2 months ago
Just finished shopping for the millionth time and once again was reminded why I come here all the time ! thank you for the awesome experience today Jessica! She was a fantastic bud tender that really knew everything and had a great attitude! Most amazing shop in Denver would highly recommend to any cannabis lover! Much love to a cut above
4 months ago

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