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Wax and budder mmm
4 years ago
These guys we're super friendly people great customer service didn't mind that we're were tourist and not too bad on prices would recommend :)
a year ago
These guys tried but I probably won't be coming back. The weed in all the jars looked pretty stemmy when I walked in, but thought I'd give them a chance with their cheap oz special on the medical side. Budtender was friendly but slow. They also accidentally did my transaction under someone else's name so I had to wait longer for a reprinted receipt... One guy (manager?) explained that this way if I get stopped by DPD it's under my name. Funnily enough I get home and open my paper bag to see that all the labels say "Gary Abrams" on them at the top.... Soooo thanks for fixing the receipt but not what actually matters---the containers holding an oz of weed in a paper bag. I imagine that if I had been stopped by police both Gary and myself could have gotten in some trouble... And that's not okay. Not to mention I found about 10 seeds when breaking up a couple buds for a joint, in multiple strains. Not worth it.
a year ago
Great dispensary amazing selection and amazing prices. The bud tenders are amazing to talk to.
2 years ago
Kind enough to steer us to the Public store.
a year ago

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