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Hands down favorite dispensary I've visited! The staff here were super helpful and helped guide us into the right items. The service was excellent, and the prices were fantastic. The quality of their live resins/budder is second-to-none. Completely blown away by how awesome this place is!
2 weeks ago
It’s hard to find good quality medical products in and around the Denver area by apothecary Farms does it right. Finding decent concentrates and live resin for the price that they do an apothecary farms makes them one of the best dispensaries in the Denver area. For this reason I recently member it at this dispensary I also really like the medical membership deals they have going on, I won’t shop and I place with bad bud tenders and everyone that I’ve dealt with at apothecary Farms Denver is knowledgeable, polite and provides me great customer service.
a month ago
Apothecary Farms is hands down the best dispensary in Colorado. Quality products at the best prices and a knowledgeable and friendly staff. They genuinely know how to take care of their customers. Would highly recommend checking them out.
a month ago
420 was great. This place is freaking awesome. We're going back again next year. I need a new shirt because I lost weight. Everyone in the shop were very helpful and informative. Some of the nicest people I've ever met.
a month ago
Small parking lot but the store inside is awsome. Their display is set perfect in my opinion. Except their shatter that was not open to see like the rest of their product. Overall love their product ????
2 months ago

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