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Phenomenal customer service, best selection in the state for concentrate, I’ve went all over and this is the best! They have all the dank flavors and no BS. The ladies that work here are super cool, never rude and they know their stuff, met the owners and they are super awesome themselves. Thanks for having one of the best dispensaries in Colorado!
a year ago
Quality abounds at this place, hand trimmed and always tasty flower. Pleasant staff and quick service, even if you had to wait it is worth it
2 months ago
Great ambience, awesome vibe plus a great concentrate selection.
6 months ago
This place a million times better than Igadi in every category. The problem is that they are too lazy to open until 11AM. You get one star because you are still in bed and sleeping when the rest of us are on the way to the resort in the morning. Because of you, we are forced to purchase horrible garbage weed from Igadi at 8AM. Seriously though. Igadi is an absolute joke compared to this place, and yet we still have to use them because of other people's laziness.
8 months ago
Best overall concentrate selection in Colorado. Best price on Bonfire extracted concentrates. If you want a particular strain, you can bet that they have it or will have it in the near future. They buy material from all of the state to ensure that they have the best selection. Membering up here is a decision you will not regret.
a year ago

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