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Established in 2009, Botanico is a recreational dispensary located just north of downtown Denver in the RiNo (River North) Arts District. Botanico offers amazing customer service with a friendly, knowledgeable staff. We provide both private rooms or an express line for faster shopping. We consistently offer superior products at affordable prices, making Botanico the best price-to-quality ratio in Denver. 


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Valid on Tuesday
$5 Joints Every Tuesday
$7.00  $5.00
Natty Rems Live Sugar - 4gs for $96
$56.00 OFF
Lazercat Solventless: Lowered Prices
$70.00  $49.30
Lowered Price! Green Dot Labs 4 Grams Black Label FSE
$200.00  $160.00
Lazercat Water Hash for $50
$65.00  $50.00
Save $26 per Gram on 710Labs Persey Rosin
$82.00  $56.00
$33 Grams CRx Live Diamonds
$50.00  $33.00
8 Grams Shatter/Wax for $96
$99 Pre-Weighed Ounce
$200.00  $99.00
$47 Quarter Ounce of Flower
$90 Half Ounce
Last updated on Monday, April 15, 2019


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Other Reviews

Service is always wishy washy. Never consistent with their good customer service. Have GREAT product but why shop if you can’t even take care of your patients. I recommend DEN REC just a little further down the road and WAY better customer service as well as Flower! Happy shopping!
2 weeks ago
This place is a one stop shop. Good deals with a large selection of product and friendly service. Some bud tenders have their own private rooms which makes it easier for the customer to browse and hear without yelling over top of other customers. The product is outstanding and I would definitely be a return customer. The only drawback is parking but the location is downtown, so what are you going to do?!
a month ago
Great store and product. Love the personal service you get. Leslie was amazing and convinced me to try some amazing new strains. Trust your budtender! At least at Botanico!
a month ago
Sarah is absolutely amazing!! Extremely knowledgeable about the current stock and products, she explained all of the deals and promotions and couldn’t have been nicer! She takes her time and is very eloquent, she is the reason I will continue to come back!!! Thanks again for helping me find my new shop!!!!!
2 months ago
I loved visiting Botanico and LOVED Leslie! My parents were in town and wanted to visit a dispensary and I could think of no better place. The space is so clean and cute, you get your own personal room to comfortably make your selections. I will definitely be back, and hopefully helped by Leslie again, she was so knowledgeable and friendly!
4 months ago