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Established in 2009, Botanico is a recreational dispensary located just north of downtown Denver in the RiNo (River North) Arts District. Botanico offers amazing customer service with a friendly, knowledgeable staff. We provide both private rooms or an express line for faster shopping. We consistently offer superior products at affordable prices, making Botanico the best price-to-quality ratio in Denver. 


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Valid on Tuesday
$5 Joints Every Tuesday
$7.00  $5.00
Lazercat Water Hash for $50
$65.00  $50.00
Save $26 per Gram on 710Labs Persey Rosin
$82.00  $56.00
$33 Grams CRx Live Diamonds
$50.00  $33.00
8 Grams Shatter/Wax for $96
$99 Pre-Weighed Ounce
$200.00  $99.00
$47 Quarter Ounce of Flower
$90 Half Ounce
Last updated on Friday, December 7, 2018


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Other Reviews

This is a cute little place with a big surprise inside. Sarah was so friendly and helpful. So much knowledge not only about the products but how the products work with your body. I highly recommend this place.
3 months ago
So many thing make this place great. I will start with the staff. The absolute most friendly of any dispensary in Denver. All the employees were happy, knowledgeable, professional, and most of all polite. The flower was amazing. The price for the flower was almost to good to be true, cheep and amazing. I would rate it A+. The store is very clean and well laid out. The wait times were much better than many dispensary’s. Thank you everyone here on 8/1/18. You made a new client for life. Stop by here. You won’t be sorry.
3 months ago
My favorite dispensary! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! Great products! Excellent prices!
2 weeks ago
Sarah was very experienced and helped me make important decisions regarding my consumption. Best dispensary in Denver. Would highly recommend.
a month ago
Hands down the best spot I've been to. Amazingly helpful, knowledgeable, and chill staff. The private room consultation removes a lot of the stress and urgency you feel at some places, particularly if you are new to dispensaries. Shout out to the guy who helped me last time (from Alabama, sorry I forgot your name.)
2 months ago