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Well for the price u can get way better quality stuff and cheaper anywhere else u go. They use to be good but have gone down hill fast in the last year or so. It’s a bummer they use to be my favorite
3 weeks ago
People like Fermin probably have childish expectations... This dispensary has a few issues like any others, but the staff are easily the BEST part, and I hardly ever have to wait! I've got to laugh when I see the one star whiners! I'm just sorry they have to deal with some of these crybabies! Perry street is always one of my favorite stops! Thanks!
a month ago
I've been going to buddy boy for a couple of years now. I always buy a quarter of their manager's special strain. Normally that would cost me roughly $32. Today they wanted to charge me over $50. This place has always been really affordable for me, but not anymore. They have lost a loyal customer.
a month ago
If you live near here don’t waste your time going to this location and if you live far and are thinking of stopping by again don’t waste your time at this location. There are better ones a couple of minutes southeast. I end up coming here because it’s one of the only ones open after 6 and I swear to god I always regret it.
a month ago
Are you kidding??? Prices so crazy high like the staff. No thank you too many other places just as good but cheaper way cheaper. And just as good
3 months ago

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