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Katie and bridget were awesome they took good care of me. Help me with a great attitude. Thank you for making me feel comfortable unlike the kalamath store.
a week ago
I topically really like going to this shop, but this time was kinda unpleasant. At the front desk the lady was really nice but forgot to mention that their card system was down and when I was in the back and picked out everything I wanted and tried to check out is when I was finally told. Then proceed to ask when their system would be back up and they say in about a week which is a really long time for a society that rarely carries cash. I tried to use the atm but then that wasn't accepting my card, so in all it just really sucked that I had to leave empty handed due to the shops technology issues.
a month ago
I used to love Buddy Boys because they would always give me awesome deals and the staff never tried to hurry you. I am disappointed to say that I won't be going back due to a huge price increase in Medical (but they said they raised Recreational also). They couldn't offer me any deals and when I told them that I have been going to only them for over a year and a half they just said there are plenty of other dispensaries out there not even caring about my loyalty. So I told them all I would definatly never be back.
2 months ago
I have been coming to this dispensary rather should I say all there locations depending on the part of town or three years I was a member my wife currently still is and yous have really forgotten about the costumers 75 in store credit member sign up but can’t use it on flower forcing consumers to do edibles and concentrate not cool and by the way you don’t have a reward program and still try and sell product to them when they should be rewarded also they don’t reward their members for making a thousand or more off there plants for member ship and don’t give you a joint for free don’t waste your member ship guys god bless
2 months ago
I absolutely love this place super kind every time I go in there and fast on the med side. My man Richard the Bud tender there is a super nice and super patient guy Hill take as much time as you need to find you exactly what it is looking for or educate you a little bit on some stuff if you need to know I definitely recommend this place.
2 months ago

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