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This place is the bees knees! The staff is so friendly and helpful! They have the best products for the best prices! Thank you for being so kind and caring about my needs (cuz I'm super needy!) It really makes a difference and the exact reason I shop here! ??????????????????
2 months ago
Excellent staff and excellent service! 10 Stars! Megghan,Watson, Collin, Garrick, And every person working July 3rd??
5 months ago
this dispensary looks at medical patients as a dollar sign. They hate veterans and they treat people very poorly as a company. Good weed prices if you like the same 10 strains for the rest of your life. And they don’t even keep enough weed for you to use and extended plant count. So I wouldn’t choose them if you want to buy in bulk. Also all they’re wax is mids. They have decent edibles but can easily go anywhere else and get something better. They’re not a lot of good things about buddy boys as a company. There’s way more dispensaries here in Colorado. Far better weed.
a year ago
This place used to be awesome, but with recent corporate changes and employee changes the loyalty program is shet. Their sales are shet. Def wanting to change my membership to another place.
7 months ago
I’ve been going to buddy boy Umatilla for about 3 years now . I recently came back after six months because I didn’t get my card renewed . However , now that I’m back a lot has changed in the last year . There is a whole new staff which is lacking very much in customer serivice. The only good bud tender is a guy named Cody. I went in today and a new girl was working . She had black hair and arm tats I didn’t catch here name . She didn’t say a word to me and didn’t suggest any strains or concentrates . Didn’t ask me how my day was or what she could even help me with . Overall think it’s time to find a new dispensary .
9 months ago

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