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Every week is harvest week with all natural cannabis from Colorado Harvest Company! We grow 70 different strains, and feature up to 30 unique and potent strains on any given day, with fresh harvests hitting the shelves weekly.

All of our marijuana plants are grown in soil and treated all-naturally by a team of master horticulturists, with special emphasis placed on the flushing and curing processes. In addition to our recreational cannabis, we are pleased to offer one of the largest selections of marijuana-infused products in Colorado.

Our recreational stores have been recognized worldwide as one of Colorado's preferred cannabis destinations and our professional and friendly staff is here to help you find the perfect product for any occasion. Stop in today to say hello!

Company History

Colorado Harvest Company was founded by Tim Cullen and Ralph Morgan, two healthcare professionals with over 20 years of experience in the medical field. Tim Cullen, an expert in plant science and biology, oversees all growing and retail operations at Colorado Harvest Company. Ralph Morgan now serves as CEO of O.penVAPE, the largest brand in cannabis, where Cullen is a co-owner and founding partner.

We pride ourselves in offering premium medicine and compassionate customer service. The comfort and trust of our customers is the cornerstone of our business. Stop in to any of our 3 stores today to experience the Colorado Harvest Company difference!



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Other Reviews

Walking into this dispensary you'll notice right away, the clean and boutique look that makes you feel relaxed instantly. The staff here are friendly, fast and fun. My favorite f words when I'm happy which is what CHC does, that and their products. Check them out for a variety of products. I'm sure if they don't have what you are looking for, they'll have something just as good.
a week ago
Went to Kalamath location looking for a specific product. Kalamath staff were very helpful - they explained frequent buyer program, showed me around store - appears to have an excellent selection of a range of products that are thoughtfully displayed. Kalamath didn't have the product I was seeking and called ahead to the Broadway location to confirm they had the product. They did. Upon arriving at the Broadway location I was denied entry because my "ID is cracked." This is the same ID (see photo) I used to get into Kalamath location minutes earlier - as well as into several other dispensaries in recent weeks without a problem. I understand there are policies and they need to be upheld. Issue is with inconsistent enforcement across locations of same company and the way the person behind the counter at Broadway handled it.
2 weeks ago
I'm being nice giving them to Stars. The only reason they get to is because their prices are cheap. Unfortunately so is the quality of their product. I have been a regular medical patient there for a couple of months now, and because of how it went when I went in today, it will be my last time. First off they had hardly any product on the Shelf. I got no apology or even inclination that she understood how I felt about them not having what I wanted. Then when I wanted to pay with my card she made me go back downstairs to attempt to run my card which would not go through because their merchant only accept certain Banks, she told me this after running my car twice. So I been had to pay the $2.75 ATM fee to take money out and go back upstairs to purchase. Then when my total was something something and twenty-seven cents, I asked the lady if she could spot me the $0.27 so I didn't have to break up another 20 oh, and she replied"come on man i only make $13 an hour" to which I handed her a $20 bill and said all right. I took my product left the building and will not be back. PS check out the green Depot South on Broadway about four blocks, I told them this story and they made it right with me
4 months ago
Today was my first time in& this is going to be my go to shop from now on! They have a positive atmosphere, good prices& quality, small batch cannabis. Staff was extremely friendly, answered all the my questions extensively & got me everything that I came in for. Didn’t feel rushed like I have at other shops- which makes me appreciate this first time experience that much more.
5 months ago

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