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This place NEVER answers the phone and then when you go in they have excuse after excuse on why. I call ahead to ensure they have stock and when they don't answer they either lose my business or I make a wasted trip to find out they have no deals
2 weeks ago
This location is terrible compared to the one on alameda. The selection here isn’t even a 1/10 of what they have on alameda disappointing they want to carry the same brand when it doesn’t even reflect at all
2 months ago
Had to change up my review I came in about three days ago I got some of your live resin for 25 out the door when leaving your guises property I noticed when opening the concentrate package there was definitely not a full gram of live Resin. One of my buddy’s who works in a dispensary checked it out for me and it was definitely only a half gram pretty disappointed so with that being said I will probably not buy any more concentrates from guys $25 for a half gram is nuts
2 months ago
Big shout out to An the big help an you’re awesome service Bella! Your are the best????
7 months ago
Anthony thank you for your awesome knowledge on all the products! We also appreciated your warm hospitality while picking out what we wanted. You rock and we hope to return soon while you’re working!
11 months ago

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