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So really great prices. I ordered Wedding Cake (hybrid) great taste. I swear the baggies are clutch.
in the last week
Whoever answer if they answer their phone is rude their services are terrible it is a shame that this business is being handled by this type of people. Not only do they run out of supply everyday but their people ethics suck!!! Wasted gas and time way too many times to be told nothing is available but top shelf price. Sad and annoyed with this. Especially because most of the time they don’t answer their phones at either locations. So going there is a risk to walk out empty handed. You would think they not answering because they super busy nope they just don’t want to repeat themselves that they out of product. Over it. Used to be a good place and had chair for the last year it’s a disaster. No more chairs a huge line of people. No loyalty to Denver residents.
a week ago
Everyone here is always so rude. Especially Chris, the rent-a-cop. They really need to work on treating their customers with a little more respect. They have little selection and are almost always sold out. Get there early to avoid waiting an hour in line.
a week ago
They had one strain and one tiny room but a big building? How can a dispensary be almost out? The place is a joke if you ask me, would not recommend this place to absolutely no one. Horrible excuse for a dispensary period.
4 weeks ago
Originally gave it three stars but now I have to change it to one star because of the new older security guard hes rude as anything.. he really shouldn't be allowed to talk to customers how rude he was no customer service or retail skills at all honestly makes me question going back there ever again
a month ago

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