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This place never has flower shouldn't run a dispensary if you can't keep it in stock.... Finding bud here is like trying to find big foot........ When they do have bud it takes 1 hour to get up to the counter and by the time you get there they are already out
in the last week
Went there no later than 230 in the afternoon multiple times and they were out of bud. Completely. This has happened multiple times. even when they do have, their best is usually not as good as anyone else’s worst. Bad weed at a cheap price.
3 weeks ago
The woman that has weighed me out was nice and cheery but I ended up dropping all my stuff on the ground because my bag hadn't been closed all the way so I lost probably half of the potency due to that error
a month ago
Like i like this place but the wait is ridiculous. I have at least 15ppl waiting. Not a bad sign but you have to figure out a better way to reel in the money. Two stars cause good services include speed of service
2 months ago
Great prices for the mid shelf and shake but completely unreliable. You will call to ask about a product, and they will quote you the price but when you get there they are out of stock and have been since before you called ahead, they just didn’t tell you! Then they will close up shop for a few days and put a sign in the window then just pop back up again. More like a street dealer in a shop setting. That’s a honest review.
2 months ago

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