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Last updated on Sunday, September 22, 2019


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Have to drive two hours have been calling this place from 3 different phones for about an hour to an hour and a half would really appreciate if somebody was there to answer phones so we don't travel that far for no reason
a week ago
Bought some dried flower from a big jar. It smelled descent. First puff tasted like something was sprayed on it. Shame on you guys. Never again.
3 weeks ago
Go in happy, leave happy. Treat them like family and you will be returned the same love. Awesome staff ??
a month ago
I hope they improved since a year ago....i won’t start with the worst....I went in to get as many gorilla clones I could get....after vegging for a couple of months....I flowered them to find was this fluffy purple strain and literally 1 glue plant....INFESTED with root aphids...first time I ever even seen root aphids so it took until I saw the flies walking up and down the stems and realized they weren’t gnats in the room...apart from the very mediocre menu....this is NOT a place for Chronnoisseurs...nothing exotic or up to date’s just a lack of clone stores in Denver compared to Cali
a month ago
Char is amazing! Very knowledgeable, friendly. Variety of products. You can find clones and seeds here which are hard to find. Prices are phenomenal and Char makes sure you know about the daily deals.
2 months ago

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