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At a particular point in your life, your hard work begins to pay off. One stops settling for “cheap” and start demanding quality. Your appreciation for the very best in life grows alongside your travels, education, experiences and changing worldview.

You want the best cars, art, clothes, wine, liquor—and, if you so desire, premium marijuana.

Variety is the spice of life. A distinguished consumer with a passion for premium grade cannabis will enjoy the journey of responsibly discovering, sampling and embracing the finest herbs.  Like vintages of wine or small batches of bourbon, each strain carries its own aroma, texture, appearance and user experience.

Diego Pellicer is where responsible marijuana connoisseurs and sommeliers gather to explore the world of premium marijuana.


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Other Reviews

First time in Denver, this place came recommended and I would recommend to anyone as well! I was welcomed by Brittany and was provided with great service from the moment I walked in. She was very knowledgeable and answered my questions without any hassle and I was provided with great information. Their product selection is also wide range! If you're looking for a place to help make the best decisions on what to purchase for your needs, come here!!
2 weeks ago
Don Pellicer has one of the best interior designs of the dispensaries I have been to. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They have a great attention to quality with all of their products. Jordan was so helpful! I would recommend them to anyone in Denver.
3 weeks ago
Really great variety and felt like all our silly questions were handled super professionally. Brittany in particular was super helpful and answered questions from a pretty large group, catering to the knowledgeable and the uninitiated really easily. Also gave us recommendations based on a wide range of preferences so it was great. Thanks!
3 weeks ago
Nice people and great selection! They were very helpful and not busy. The android app isn't in the Google play store but that doesn't beat third service. I entered two raffles and left a pretty happy. I would suggest to move the ATM away from the line where everyone can see you use it but folks should know to keep their info covered. They also have a BBQ food tent outside a few times a week.
a month ago
Brittany was awesome!! She was stupendously nice and helpful, honestly mine and my friends experience was beyond great. 15/10 will definitely shop here again, there was so much to see, a bunch of different products available, and employees like Brittany will have you coming back again.
a month ago

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