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Awful customer service. Just abysmal. The girl who checked me in couldn’t be bothered to utter a single word so I had no idea what was going on. Upon entering the space I was just standing around as again, no one bothered to speak to me. After sitting I noticed that they were calling people who came in after me. Totally unprofessional. I will not be returning.
in the last week
I'd say about a year and a half or so ago this place fell apart right around the time they were selling the mold weed Westword reported on. All the staff changed, so did the store, and so did the PRICES, so did the quality. I hadn't stopped in for a long time figured I'd check it out don't bother. The prices are silly, I asked what happened to the old prices the guy says "the market is crazy high that's the going rate". Just open the Westword up there's a million nicer better alternatives, plenty on the same street the market is saturated.
3 weeks ago
Today I was amazed. Normally this Is a Great Place for your Pot needs. However recently, the product has Turned to Garbage. ALL leaf looked old, and raspy. Looks like the profit has finally been placed 1st. Do not recommend, do not go, dont waste your time.
a month ago
I have been going to this dispensary for years and they used to have good deals. Last week was my last week going there there prices have went up on all the deals I would no longer call them deals because the ly are more expensive than other dispensary’s. They have good flower but not good prices anymore. They don’t have a loyalty program. the last guy that was my tender was kinda rude and didn’t listen I felt like I was yelling at him to hear what I wanted. This used to be my #1 dispensary. Now I will go elsewhere
a month ago
Let me first say that I’ve been going here for over five years. I’ve spent an untold amount of money here. My wife has been going there long than me. We have always enjoyed our time there and the product was good. Now “WAS” being key work in the sentence. We have come in the past few weeks and the dabs we bought were flat out nasty!! Tasted like sulfur and fireworks! When we tell them they we not good nothing happens no I’m sorry nothing.... the service here use to be amazing but now it’s lacking. We have decided that doctors orders will no longer be getting our money that’s for sure.
3 months ago

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