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$120 (before tax) for an oz. You can mix and match it to the eighth and they carry some nice signature strains. The budtenders are great! Every time I come in I get good/helpful service and leave with something new. Sure, you can pay over $200 for an oz. but for me this is the best deal all around and weed I've purchased here has always been solid. I would recommend this spot if you want to try different strains and don't want to spend that much dough.
in the last week
There are many dispensaries in Denver. This one by far stands out as the best. The helpful budtenders, the chillax environment, the ability to mix and match an ounce. When you're in Denver stop by good chemistry. You will not be disappointed. The one on Colfax and Logan, is my home store. They know me. So well, that they know I like purple weed. Make sure you sign up for the customer loyalty program, after 500 points you get $25 off.
a month ago
Went today and had a different experience than I had at Green Solution - I went in and it was set up like a bar. I knew exactly what I wanted because they were the only place in Denver that had the strain I was looking for. Absolutely no wait and friendly staff they just didn’t really ask what I was looking for or have pricing on anything. I knew prices because they had it online. If I didn’t know what I wanted I would have been incredibly intimidated being from out of state. I wouldn’t go here if it was your first time at a dispensary. Really good prices though.
4 weeks ago
Always worth the extra cost because the flower and concentrates are top tier at all times. They use only bud in their Js. If you have a med card they give bomb deals for signing your plants to them too. The staff at the Colfax location is also kind and helpful. 100% recommend.
a month ago
Great product, but can you guys please find a way to use less plastic packaging? We all know how weird the rules are, but other dispensaries have options that I can buy an oz without getting a ton of little bottles with it, same with joints. GC is successful enough to look for solutions.
2 months ago

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