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I never visited Good Chemistry until a few weeks ago since their motto was "Ounces always $90.00." and at the time I could purchase medical premium top shelf ounces for $69.00 at The Health Center. They also would take 5% off of your order if you returned the plastic containers bringing the price down to $65.55 and the ounces usually weighed at least 1.5 grams over which lowered the price down to $62.03 per ounce, plus tax. I always purchase 2 ounces at a time so a difference of $44.00 per purchase is significant. The quality and service were exceptional so I figured that I would now start shopping here since ounces are always $90.00. After purchasing 6 ounces in two weeks I went back and the ounces were $100.00. I went with it since medical marijuana prices have increased everywhere in the last two months. A week later I went back and ounces were now $115.00. With a 29% increase in price (including tax difference) it's now time to go back to The Health Center who is selling 2 ounces for $200.00 with added weight and great selection. I was told at Good Chemistry that there was a great rewards program that equated to a 5% return on your previous purchases once you spent $500.00. This rewards program only applied to recreational purchases which is odd since the taxes are so much higher for recreational purchases. They are giving away free merchandise on the taxes that are added to the cost of the product. As of July 1st medical marijuana dispensaries are no longer required to have a certain amount of patients to grow their plants. Dispensaries can now grow high numbers of plants without having to justify the plants with patients assigning them as a caregiver. A company that can legally increase production without having to give away free merchandise every month should be able to maintain the same prices and make more profit. I guess that if the goal is to keep production low to keep the profit margin high then the price increase works. On the flip side, the amount of clients out there that purchase larger amounts will never shop there so overall yearly profits decrease substantially.
in the last week
I have praised good chem since my first time there almost three years ago, the quality decrease was ok when the oz price went down, but now the flower isn’t where it was, and the price is back up. Will not be at good chem, and will not recommend until they’re back to putting out fire or dropping the prices back down. Really disappointed in the price increase, I felt like good chem was one of the good ones.
in the last week
These guys know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to THC products. Whether you are purchasing bud or asking about edibles, they know what direction to point in. Very knowledgeable about the products as well and if you are new to the whole thing they will make your experience 10x easier and fill you in on what you need to know. I will be coming back here again when I visit family.
a week ago
Consistently amazing on service, selection, and value. Cant beat the oz deal. Super transparent with customers. Killer loyalty program. Budtenders feel like they're your friends, and are very conversational. They remember you every time, and actually look like they enjoy working there.
a month ago
Super clean, inviting, and good variety of product. Loved the mix and match option for creating your own ounce or eighth. My bud tender was very friendly and took the time to talk to me about the products I was purchasing. Pretty fair prices as well.
3 months ago

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