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No wonder this place was empty.... Four eyed lady at desk is rude. Smells like mold when you walk in. Don't waste your time here. 500 plus weed shops to go to so what does it say that not one person walked in while I waited 15 mins for her to try and check me in. Will be glad to hear when this place shut down. We see it everyday med places shut down
3 weeks ago
Great medical dispensary. They always go above and beyond to help me out. The best Chem Dawg I've ever had! Highly recommend.
5 months ago
Horrible place that have shady people working there. I've been going here for quite a while and everything had been ok, but recently was there and bought some edibles that ended up being over six months expired. The next time i was in the store, i mentioned it to them and asked if they could make it right and credit me something, or give me a refund considering the laws prevent them from taking products back. She immediately became defensive and tried to tell me that they were still good to eat, and that she sold those to me at cost, and that the business didn't even profit from them, blah, blah, blah. This is completely laughable when you open the package and see cracked dusty old chocolate with mold all over the chocolate squares. Is this why they sold them to me at cost???? And why didn't you have any more of those perfectly good chocolate bars restocked on the shelf the next time i came in the store???? It doesn't matter if they're $2 or $50. If they are old, then they are old. Simple as that. So, Instead of the employee choosing to handle things professionally like a real business should, she chose to immediatley be defensive and starting stating the laws on shelf life, and also stated that she didn't know they were old, but really the entire time they knew they were old. After complaining further, they acknowledged that they knew that the edibles were that old , but no where was that displayed when they sold them to me. Why would a business purposely sell you an old product, knowing about it, and then try to take things personal, and play the victim card when you catch them and complain about their unprofessional business practices? There are way too many good places in Denver to buy cannabis for a business to operate like this. They just allowed three dusty, cracked and molded chocolate bars, cost them all of my business. I will never go there again because of what happened and how unprofessionally this was handled. Also the quality of their flower had gone down tremendously. If you work for a business, then you work for a business. You can't take things personally when a customer complains, especially when the customer is right. This is completely backwards on how businesses should be conducting themselves. If you make a mistake, then you fix it, you don't tell the customer, well you should've double checked the expiration dates , this is on you. Hahahahaha, really!????? Shouldn't you the business make sure that your not selling your customers old products??? and if you are, should that be displayed somewhere, or shouldn't you let the customer know that the reason you are discounting them is because they are old? Isn't that how its supposed to work??? Like I said, This is sad but laughable. I wouldn't buy anything from them if i were you, because if they make a mistake, the employees just turn into victims and tell you that you are wrong, instead of holding themselves accountable for their mistake. Boo hoo. Get a different job if you can't handle someone complaining when they catch you trying to scam them. Playing the victim card never gets you anywhere in life, but what it does get you, is no more of my business. Also, when i asked to speak to the manager, she refused to allow me to speak to them. Towards the end of the conversation I heard someone in the background telling her just to hang up on me. Very professional. What a joke. When and if you go there, you'll realize that, compared to other dispensaries in town, Herbal Alternatives at Sunnyside needs all the business it can get. I just went there because of the good Ounce deals. Although the quality of their flower has gone down. That's Another reason why i think is completely laughable to conduct business this way. Go there at your own risk. At least this information is out there for all of your future customers to see. Don't take my word for it though. Go there one time and you'll see what I'm talking about. What a joke.
6 months ago
Awesome prices. Great flower.
7 months ago
This places stinks up the town. I drive past this place every day and it stinks up the highway. Please invest in some air filters and better ventilation. As much as I support recreational marijuana, I don't want the town to smell bad. And this is really bad.
9 months ago

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