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At High Level Health we pride ourselves on providing our customers and patients with the highest quality cannabis products available on today's market and have been doing so since 2009. Our flower is grown in-house and is known for its taste, smell, and potency. With many strains testing over 30% THC, High Level Health has won numerous awards over the years in many different competitions. Our plants are grown 100% naturally and they are tended to 24/7. We produce some beautiful CBD strains (both medicinally and recreationally) for those looking to use cannabis for its medical benefits. At both of our locations we have a wide variety of edibles, ranging from companies that are fresh on the market to brands that were some of the first in Colorado. At High Level Health we provide both wholesale and in-house concentrates in many forms: rosin, live resin, wax, shatter, distillate, and more. Our budtenders are very well educated and can answer your questions or point you in the right direction to find reliable answers. We provide cannabis for both recreational customers and medical patients (21+ only).


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Other Reviews

The people who work here are absolutely wonderful! Some of the best customer service I've ever received!
in the last week
HLH will always have some of the best flower around. Never fails to satisfy my needs. Although I still dream that one day the bio star or chem #4 is on the shelves every time I run out...The diesels just don't compare.
3 weeks ago
I went there when I was in Denver a few weeks ago. A feast for the eyes and nice staff. The budtender helped me get an edible I wanted and I was short on cash so he gave me a discount. I really wanted the Boulder Bar experience and he helped that happen!! I will for sure prioritize coming here again next time in Denver.
a month ago
This is THE BEST DISPENSARY in town! Can't beat the high quality flower from here and the great customer service will keep you coming back!!! I thank them personally every time ?? I'd challenge anyone to find better flower anywhere in the US....
4 months ago
I am so HIGHLY impressed with the staff at this store and I have been meaning to write a stellar review for a while, and tonight Noah was helping me and he reminded me to do this! I have never felt so welcome at a Cannabis store until I found High Level Health. There are always the same friendly familiar faces every time I come in! All of the staff is extremely knowledgeable and are more than willing to take the time to help you out, no matter the customer demand or situation. This place is the best in the neighborhood and I highly, lol, recommend them to locals and anyone visiting Denver! They're the best in the industry!
5 months ago

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