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Total bait and switch scam! They advertise $79 ounces, then when you get there they say it's $90 because of tax, then when they ring it up it comes out to $120. Places like this with false advertising need to be shut down. Even if the tax rate was 30% an ounce should only cost $104. Be smarter than me and find another place to buy your weed.
a month ago
Veronica was awesome! I switched my order a lot but she got me right! Definitely coming back ????
2 months ago
I was a customer the day the door opened and had been a happy customer. Until now. The employees and gimmicks keep changing and the service has failed. I went in yesterday, July 13th and stood in the foyer for over 10 minutes and no one acknowledged that I was there. I knocked on the glass and wall and was ignored. It wasn't busy. And that wouldn't of be an excuse. I've been there on an April 20th and still received fair customer service. I should of known the second they started saying "top shelf" and selling at higher prices with a new team of employees the service had gone down hill. And the service has gone downhill. No longer a customer
2 months ago
Here now and Angelika is helping us! She’s super friendly and helpful you can feel the good vibes coming off of her spirit! She’s knowledgeable and didn't hesitate to say that she wasn’t sure about something. Come check them out!
4 months ago
Super helpful! good selection and serious customer service. Q made the experience super relaxed especially for out of starters. Definitely will come back again.
5 months ago

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