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High West Cannabis was founded in October 2016 and is located in the heart of Denver, CO. With both a cultivation facility and retail store, High West is passionate about bringing the highest quality product to the wholesale and retail cannabis markets.
As many currently describe the industry as the wild west , when you step into the retail store the original art, rustic décor and pure passion of the employees emulate an authentic western vibe. High West is committed to a great experience from seed to sale.


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Other Reviews

I went to high west cannabis the day right after my 21st birthday. I was extremely excited for my first dispensary visit. However when i got home i weighed the ounce and i was over 2 grams short. The ounce was not weighed in front of me and when i emailed the manager about my problem. She accused me of my scale not being accurate. I have used this scale many times before and it has always been correct. I was very disappointed. I have read other reviews now and there are quite a few claiming the same experience. I do not recommend.
2 weeks ago
I have High paranoia and anxiety everything I go to any dispensary I kinda freak out but I walk in and out Perfectly Normal and calm at High west because they treat you like Family. The staff is Great always Helping me know what’s the best strain wish their was more higher thx levels but. Can’t complain about great service
a month ago
This use to be my go to dispensary. I Went at least 2-3 times a week. Today i went with my cousin for their 100 otd oz. I got an oz of wedding cake and my cousin got an oz of member berry. When we got home and weighed it out the member berry was 27.2 and the wedding cake was 27g. I called hwc immediately and spoke with a manager and told him the deal. He was extremely rude and asked did we have state a state certified scaled because they did. I told him no but i did calibrate it and a dollar weighed what it was suppose to and a quarter as well. He said that means nothing to him. I wasn't expecting to get the the 1.8g neither is it worth the 40 min drive
a month ago
Today was my very first visit and I was really surprised. From the moment I walked in and was greeted by the well dressed older gentlemen behind the counter I knew I was in a great spot. Attentive, informative and polite. I’ll definitely be back
2 months ago
I love this place it is always at the top of my list of dispensaries to go to I drive all the way up from Firestone just to go here there is always killer bud Flower Friday's are my favorite!
2 months ago

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